by Marianne Ferris
I want to share the extremely positive experience I had working with Dan White in 2016 at Abbey View Memorial Park. There were many important questions to explore in making final arrangements . . . and Dan always had the perfect choice of words! He is very respectful, professional and provided thoughtful and accurate answers to every possible question.
by Allison F Fay-Ebert
I want to thank Deanna for her incredible help in untangling a family brick wall. She went above and beyond to help me discover the family relationships using your cemetery records. I would still be struggling if not for her help today.
by Carlos Perez
Going through this difficult moments last thing you want to worry about is whats next and Kevin Smith when above and beyond with our need unfortunately this is the second time I used their service and both times the experience is great they are great my Cousin and my Best friend were send to Mexico for their final Rest and Kevin was fighting with the Mexican Council and going to the offices in seattle to get the papers faster so they can go home to rest sooner.
Thanks Kevin for everything.
by M. Gould
I am so thankful for the professionalism and care I received when dealing with the Washelli staff at Lifetime Celebrations. They had just the right combination of compassion and positive advice so that I felt capable of the choices I needed to make and to plan and carry off a fitting memorial for my dad. Kevin the funeral director was the best and I trusted him with the details and he never let me nor my family down. In fact to a person, Kevin, Dan and Leah were helpful, kind and caring without being overly solicitous. That helped me keep it together and get the planning done without distressing me. I am very pleased with their service and my whole family has commented how great they were and what a wonderful result we experienced. I would very highly recommend. Thank you all again, you are the best.
by Colleen
Working with Kevin Smith and Leah Arnold at Washelli in Bothell made a very difficult time for my family much easier. They were kind, thoughtful, creative, and flexible. They helped us to feel comfortable dealing with all the necessary choices to be made and with arranging memorials that what would really reflect my brothers life. Their caring, attention to detail, and even humor were so appreciated, and Harley the comfort dog was also a big help. These are good people to turn to and I highly recommend them.
by Ralph Lambert
Kevin and the staff was amazing. So thoughtful, no pressure. Was sensitive to our needs and to what we were going through. Guided our family through things we would never had thought of. Took care of many things for us through this difficult time. Thank you so much. We can't say enough good things.
by Mary Mead
Of course this is the review I never wanted to have to write. We lost our baby girl at 14 weeks gestation. Dan and Kevin were so kind, understanding and compassionate. I could not have asked for better care. I am very thankful. I pray God blesses them for their incredible kindness.
by Carlos Perez
Exelente experiencia y profecionalismo Desgraciadamente e tenido que usar estos servicios 2 veces pero las 2 veces Kevin nos ayudo a mandar los cuerpo de mi primo y de mi mejor amigo a mexico lo mas pronto posible el hiba constantemente sl consulado mexicano a presionarlos por los documentos para asi mas rapido mandar a nuestros seres queridos a mexico.
A pesar de los malos momentos que se viven al perder un ser querido Kevin en esta funeraria los hace ser mas amenos.
Gracias por todo Kevin
by Barbara J Maier
Everyone at Lifetime Celebrations / Washelli was kind, considerate, and attentive to our wishes. Only hours after losing our father, my brother and I walked in the door of Washelli, hoping to get in and out quickly, because we were hurting. I am not sure how long we were there, but all our needs were met, perfectly. We left feeling calmer, like we'd just made good decisions and the worry went away. I highly recommend this facility.
by Rod Petroff
My cousin had his funeral pre-plan in place with Evergreen Washelli. This made his last wishes easy to accommodate & the staff made it easier still, what with the fact that I had never done this before. All the people at Washelli were extremely thoughtful & helpful to me & to what remains of my family. To these folks I am very thankful. They even laughed at our jokes (& I think they meant it)!
by Jennifer McGuire
Back in 09 me, my mom, and my grandpa found my favorite uncle passed away in his home. Evergreen Washelli was very warm and sympathetic to our wishes planning the memorial, cremation, etc. Even to this day going in to put flowers or a note for my uncle the staff is awesome. One time I was in deep grief sobbing for my uncle and I got a comforting pat an the back. It was surprising. I have even seen where a man has come in to see his father's remains and bring in a beer to have in memory of his father and the staff just backed off and had respect for that. The staff is so nice and awesome. I love Evergreen Washelli. Good people work there!
by Barbara Jackson
You were all son loving and caring through this difficult time. You made it all a special time when it was truly such a difficult time. The extra touches were amazing!
by Lisa W.
I lost my mother suddenly a few weeks ago and both my sister and I are still grieving and working through the pain. One of the more difficult parts was preparing for services as our mom had not left a directive. Kevin and Leah were incredibly helpful and supportive. They were very patience and thoughtful and provided tremendous assistance during a very tough time. They also brought in another member of their team, Harley, a wonderful canine companion that snuggled on my feet and provided great comfort during our meetings. I highly recommend the team and thank them for all they have done to help my family during such a painful and difficult time.
by Lisa Christensen
When our Mother passed away we were in shock and saddened. She was the one that was supposed to handle all these things just as she did when our Father passed away so many years ago. With the help of Kevin and Leah at Lifetime Celebrations by Washelli it was as nice of an experience as you can have during such a difficult time. They went above and beyond taking care of extra things that came up. The Celebration with Paul Boardman as the Celebrant was done with honor and we could not have imagined doing this elsewhere. Mom would have loved it. We thank you for letting us come in and take over your office trying to get all the pictures we could for the DVD and folders. Coffee was always available (thank goodness) and we were always greeted with kindness and caring. We truly felt cared for. Thank you again for helping make this job of honoring our Mother a peaceful one. Todd and Carolyn Young and Lisa and Brice Christensen
by Sarah
The ceremony was wonderful. Everyone was great and so supportive to me, my family and friends. The catering service was great. The cookies, pastries etc. were all very yummy and the reception room was beautiful
by Michael and Sally
We recently laid my mom, Viva (with her husband Clint), to rest and just wanted to write a quick letter of thanks to our contacts Nicole Mitchell (who is so great!), Mandy McCrain and all staff that was involved in helping us.
We had the opportunity to work with Nicole as one of her first clients on her return from maternity leave. Sally and I were both very impressed with how easy it was working with Nicole and her knowledge of all issues. Nicole never skipped a beat assisting us and it seemed like she had never been away on a leave of absence. I had many concerns about how the vault was placed and she was more than accommodating and gracious in answering all my questions and concerns, often contacting several other staff members to honor my wishes...thanks Nicole!
At the grave site, John helped us out and was also very gracious and informative, making it clear that how ever we wanted to approach the burial or be involved, was fine. He was very knowledgeable and compassionate and allowed me to be involved in the placement process however I wished.
Again, thanks Nicole for all your help and please pass on my thanks to John and all staff involved! We feel very fortunate to have had you represent us with this important final stage in Viva's and Clint's lives.
by Cindi
My Great-Grandparents and practically all of the family are buried here. In 2002, several of us cousins had a small reunion and visited all of the family grave, cleaned them up a bit and took lots of pictures.
by Jim
Very good people work at Evergreen Washelli. I've arranged for "my own" services.
by H. E. Oehler
The family of the deceased was very pleased with the intimate space provided at the Lifetime Celebration Center. The staff helped create a welcoming atmosphere for family and friends to remember the life of a loved one. We received many compliments on the service and style of memorial from guests. It was comforting to have so much help in preparing for the memorial. Thanks Kevin and Leah!
by Vanessa Leeper
They are amazing. Very helpful and do not push the items on to you. They consider the feelings of the family and their loss. I have really enjoyed my experience with them. This was not an easy thing to do, but they were able to make you feel more at ease. I would recommend them to everyone in a time of a loss of a loved one.
by Marlys
Outstanding service; the staff was wonderful. From Daniel transporting my father across the pass to Phillip's specialized planning to to Rick's site preparation everyone was wonderful. Our officiant Paul was perfect for our graveside service. It was like he had known dad for years. He was a great listener and very warm and detailed in what he shared. He gave us much spiritual comfort.
by terri pinnell
by Carlos Perez
Exelente experiencia y profecionalismo Desgraciadamente e tenido que usar estos servicios 2 veces pero las 2 veces Kevin nos ayudo a mandar los cuerpo de mi primo y de mi mejor amigo a mexico lo mas pronto posible el hiba constantemente sl consulado mexicano a presionarlos por los documentos para asi mas rapido mandar a nuestros seres queridos a mexico.
A pesar de los malos momentos que se viven al perder un ser querido Kevin en esta funeraria los hace ser mas amenos.
Gracias por todo Kevin
by Anita moore
My family has had a great experience when our mother passed.
by Curt Nicholson
Heidi Hansen funeral director and Stevyn Anthony family services as well as the people at the front desk went above and beyond my expectations in making a very hard time much easier to go through.