In loving memory of

Tico Wittek
January 8, 2015

Tico came into my life on April 30 2008, along with Benny. Tico and Benny are adopted dogs. His friend, Cookie, was adopted on October 18 2008. Together they became the 3 Amigos, with
occasional disagreements. He left this earth on January 8 2015. His age, for sure is unknown, but I think he was between 11 and 12 years old. His favorite activities were, eating ice cream, dog treats, barking at wild turkeys he saw out the slider window, walks outside on the leash, and sleeping. Tico along with, Cookie and Benny, are members of The Best Chihuahuas of America Club.
He was proceeded in death by Cookie. She passed on February 14 2014. She also liked, eating ice cream, but not to much, begging for dog treats, snooping in the back yard, walks, and
sleeping. Cookie is a sassy red head. Tico is survived by his friend, Benny, and dad, Mike. Tico and Cookie are missed and loved very much. Tico R.I.P. Cookie R.I.P.


Buddy and Diesel wrote on Jun 22, 2016:

"Once again we never did know you and Cookie, and we would love to meet you! At lest Diesel would, see you someday!"

Hailey wrote on Jun 22, 2016:

"I miss you Tico! You are a great pup and you are very friendly! Take care of Cookie and Benny!"

Nikkey wrote on Feb 11, 2015:

"Tico - I know life was never easy for you until you met Mike and joined his family... I felt like you were my family after seeing you several times a week for treatment and health check ups. Even though you weren't always happy to be at the clinic, it was good to see you. Just know that we all LOVED you and wanted you to live pain free and be happy in a world that had been so cruel to you before... I want you to know that besides being loved, you were adored by all. You brought a lot of strangers together and helped us create a relationship. You were more than just Tico.. you were a blessing and gift from God that brought a lot of wonderful people comfort and love. You will forever be missed but I know you aren't too far away... Thanks for letting me say goodbye to you, pet you, and comfort you before your passing. Love you Tico, rest in peace buddy."

Pat wrote on Jan 23, 2015:

"Tico I will miss coming over and have you bark at me and then I would get down and play with you. Thank you for being my friend, Pat"

Benny wrote on Jan 21, 2015:

"I miss you guys."

Mike wrote on Jan 21, 2015:

"For Tico & Cookie"