In loving memory of

Susan Ann Evans
July 27, 1950 - January 19, 2011

Tribute to My Wife, Susie Ann
by Doug Evans

Susan is a unique and bright shining soul. She loved the gentle things of life, as was her nature. She was always kind, loving and compassionate toward others, and toward all life. It was her nature to nurture. She enjoyed planting and watching seeds and bulbs magically transform into wonderful, colorful things. She was always sending for and planting flowers, and could give you the botanical name for nearly anything growing. She wore a big straw hat whenever she worked in her garden.

Everyone who knew her took an instant liking of her. She had an angel soft singing voice, and long thin artistic fingers, worn by work in her garden.

Her compassion knew no limits. I remember one freezing wintery day she spotted a small Chickadee huddled in one spot on the seed feeder. To my amazement she walked out and coupled it in her palms. It didn't even try to fly away. She brought it in the house and held it gently inside her cupped palms while stroking its head with one finger. After a few minutes she stepped out and released it into the air, and it flew up and joined its companions.

Susie liked collecting things, especially books, miniatures, art objects and antiques. It saddens me to reflect on the fact that she now is forced to leave all her wonderful keepsakes behind.

It was her contention that you can never replace a real book with an electronic one. You have to be able to hold it in your hand and feel the pages between your fingers.

Clothing styles were an interest, although she was limited in what she could afford. She had a flair for the unique and stylish. She even found a special 1800s dress of rare design. One of her fond joys was to "poke around" in antique stores.

When she was three Susan lost her daddy to complications from malaria when he was serving in the war. So she learned early in life to look out for herself.

Susan had the most active and vivid imagination of anyone I have ever known. It was one of the main traits that attracted me to her.

In her hand written letters to me she would sign "Gnomie" and add two little strangely shaped "footie" prints, as she would call them. In fact before it became a fad, she was the original word inventor, like "thingies."

Susie loved all things gentle and pure, small and wonderful.

On occasion she made one-of-a-kind jewelry items and miniature floral paintings for others.

Susan had a wonderful temperament. I rarely ever saw her angry or cross. She basically was a sweet individual. And a loving, kind, compassionate, exceedingly intelligent, self-educated appreciator of fine arts... a very refined and wonderful little soul. She enjoyed works such as Beethoven's 7th and Smetana's Ma Vlast.

I miss her terribly and will never forget her... even in future lives... where I hope we might meet again.

With Deeply Heartfelt Love,


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