In loving memory of

Sharon A Allen
September 14, 1956 - April 16, 2015

Sharon Allen,
age 58, passed away April 16th, 2015 in Renton, Washington. She is survived by her sister Rosa Sanders and other loving family members and friends.

Service and Life Story information is being developed by the family and will be posted as soon as it becomes available- please check back


amina allen wrote on May 13, 2015:

"I miss my mother every day every hr. every sec. its hasn't been the same since shes been gone everything is different now nothing is good nothing feels good anymore I havnt seen my mom in over 7 months now shes gone and I will never see her agin. I feel guilty because I never had enough money to fly and go see her or take care of her in seattle I didn't even have money to fly down & go to her funeral smh my mom suffered for colon cancer for 4years she put in a good fight she tried to stay alive aslong as she could for her kids & grand kids but the cancer just took over her. npw every morning I wake up the first though in my mind is that my mother is dead the last thought in my mind b4 I go to sleep is that my mother is dead. i wish i could've had the chance to see her one more time or even just talk to her one last time on the phone now its official ive truly lost everything in my life now & i honestly don't even know why im still here. but atleast my mother isn't in pain or suffering anymore that's the only good thing that as come out of this. "

Trudy Conway wrote on Apr 20, 2015:

"I always thought of Sharon as "my other big sister". She and my late sister Sandra "Mike" Block met many, many years ago here in Anchorage & Sharon was like another of my mother's kids. We all loved her so much. I will remember her for her kindness and that contagious laugh of hers. She truly had a heart the size of Alaska & I always thought she was too generous for her own good, but that's just the way Sharon was. I offer my prayers to Rosa and the family. To Rosa: my sister passed this February & I'd like to think that she was there with Sue to greet Sharon in Heaven. I pray for you to be strong throughout this ordeal. You & I share the awful pain of having lost sisters. Please know that I send you my love as a sister in Christ. "