In loving memory of

Nikki Johnson

This is my tribute to my little beautiful shih tzu dog. She was almost 14 years old. She was the most loved dog I have ever owned. You could do anything to her and it didn't bother her at all. She was quiet, very rarely barking. She loved everyone who ever came into my home. She would bring them one of her toys but never chased after them if anyone threw them. She was always with me where ever I would be. She always sat next to me when I ate, so I could give her a sample of whatever I was eating. She loved to be brushed daily, especially under her neck.I have owned shih tzu's since 1979 and again I loved her the most. she was my 5th shih tzu. All were black and white except one which was on the blond side. Nikki was rescued from people who had her and were on drugs. Whenever I let her out she always watched where I was so I wouldn't leave her. A friend of my grandson heard about her as she was left alone for almost 2 weeks before I got her. Again, I loved her dearly and will never forget about her ever. She was born in September 2004 and I got her for Christmas in 2004. I could say so much more about her but I don't want to bore anyone. She was so precious to me! Nikki left her mom on April 9, 2018