In loving memory of

Diesel Doe
October 21, 2009 - March 30, 2018

You were born on October 21, 2009. You left us way too early in life on March 30, 2018.
You joined our family when you were 7 weeks old. You have been a constant little shadow to Mama day and night every day since we had you since Mama worked at home and was there all the time. There is such an emptiness in the house without you.
You would carry on something terrible whining and wanting the tummy scratched every night when Daddy got home.
You had a special bond with Josh where if he laid on the floor you would go straddle his body and lay on top of him. He is the only one you did that with.
You always would let sissy (Niki) look at your teeth! She loved your teeth.
You loved going swimming with Nicholas.
You would always take Tays toys so we would have to give you a treat to get them back.
You were always so excited to see sissy (Crissy) and Ross and Aidan whenever they visited.
All those little things are what we miss in our daily routines.
Words can't explain the emptiness in our hearts. We love you so much Diesel Wiesel Doe.