In loving memory of

Chloe DeMoss
July 29, 2018

See you at the Rainbow Bridge


Vernon DeMoss wrote on Dec 31, 2018:

"Happy New Year. I love and miss you still so much, but know we will always be together but still so hard without you"

Vernon DeMoss wrote on Aug 3, 2018:

"Chloe you were more than just a pet or a dog. You are my best friend. You were usually the first thing I thought about when a I woke and one of the last things I would think about before I went to sleep. Truthfully I was and always will be always thinking about you. Most of my days wouldn't start of right without being able to say good bye to you before work and I would always want to rush home from work to be with you. If i was late you would be sure to always tell me too. Most the time I would rather just sit and be with you than do most other things without you. I really miss you. This is really hard. Most of the things I would do thru the day would involve Chloe one way or another. I feel so lost without her. In times when I was sad she would make me feel like I could make it thru it, that it was going to be okay. In times when I was stressed she would calm me. Chloe we will always be together in one way or another and I will always think of you and be thankful for all that you have truely done and gave to me. I miss you my friend more than anyone can ever understand. "