In loving memory of

Abbey Kitten
October 29, 2018

Abbey Kitten was laid to rest 10/29/18 at the age of almost 18. My princess, my sassy girl, became very acutely ill Sunday afternoon and after 24 hours of care for an acute on chronic renal event with secondary cardiac compromise and lack of response to therapy, I let my sweet angel go. Right to the last minute she was looking at her mama purring and making little biscuits in her bedding. She had her Papa Dave and Auntie Sheri with and she was loved and very comfortable.

Abbey Kitten (AKA: Abigail, Sassy Girl, "THE" Kitten, Doodie, "D", Deandre, Honey Bear) was surrendered to South Metro Animal Emergency Care April of 2006 after sustaining blunt force trauma to her face leaving her with a luxated jaw, symphyseal fracture, and fractures to her sinuses. She was surrendered to the care of myself and Dr. Bill Graham with the full intention that after she was healed to be adopted out. As many animal lovers will understand there are some that just connect with you differently. After interviewing many families, I realized our emotional attachment and general connection was too great and she really seemed to be the perfect clinic cat, although mildly unorthodox in an emergency clinic setting. Not many cats can settle in so perfectly to this type of environment, but she did. She became the unofficial team mascot and made the clinic her home - we just worked there. Soon she also became known by many vendors and service repair workers as the little black cat that they best not let get in the rafters! She remained resident at SMAEC from 2006 to 2015, where she lived a happy, adventurous life meeting many new friends - human and animal alike. She assisted with many interviews over the years, oversaw much of the patient care, attended every staff meeting, and was Team Emotional Support after a long day when someone just needed a hug or a laugh. In 2015 with the approach of the facility going 24 hours with the addition of the University of Minnesota Veterinary Referral Center, Abbey was moved to her retirement home where she opened a new chapter of joy to live out her senior years.... And she was loved beyond words. This new Journey brought lots of snuggle time with Mama, warm afternoons on the patio in her hot pink harness feasting on grass, helping Papa with laundry by attacking the socks and loose items attempted to be folded while guarding in the basket until the clothing was officially cool, and SO MUCH BRUSHING!

Abbey was the perfect example of how in life it's not about what happened to you or what past you came from, but how you choose to overcome, living each day in the moment and finding joy all around you.

You will be missed so much my sweet girl. We will miss your little snaggletooth and your old lady meow greeting us. We will miss your keyboard distraction every time we tried to work from home, reminding us to slow down and take a break. We will miss how you would drool with such pleasure when you were greeted by those you loved. We will miss any type of holiday decoration time or gift-wrapping activity in your presence as tissue paper, bags/boxes and ornaments where your spice of life. We will miss your unconditional love and playful kitten spirit reminding us that even after the worst of days, life maybe wasn't that bad. May your adventure continue and your beautiful spirit shine bright as the sun filling our hearts with warmth. Until we meet again my sweet sweet girl, know how very much you are loved.
We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the South Metro Animal Emergency Care employees that worked at the facility from 2006 to 2015 who cared for, loved, and protected Abbey every day for so many years. We also extend our sincere gratitude to Dr. Jenny Cho and the amazing team at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Referral center for their support and care during her final 24 hours. Dr. Cho you are a blessing! Laurel B, CVT and Briken F, CVT I couldn't have made it through without the two of you as my co-pilots. Finally, to our friends at Pets Remembered Cremation - Thank you for so delicately and respectfully caring for our girl. You work tirelessly to help so many in the community and we have the utmost respect for your services. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jen & Dave


jennifer wrote on Feb 5, 2019:

"She had the most wonderful life with you, Jen. Thank you for everything you do for our feline friends. -Jennifer"

CK Turner wrote on Nov 1, 2018:

"I didn?t know your little Ms Abbey Kitten nor do I know you??but after tears upon tears from reading your tribute to her paws on your life ?? I feel like she has touched mine as well. Bless you for giving her the life they all deserve. Thanks to you she has a story and she belonged. "