In loving memory of

November 20, 2018

2001 (or 2002, we're not certain) - November 20, 2018
Bogey adopted us in June 2003, after we met him at Feline Rescue in St. Paul. He'd originally been rescued as a kitten, but his first adopter had to return him after a year, because although he got along well with her two dogs, he did not appreciate her two other cats.
Our little family was perfect for Bogey: two humans and Charlie, a wonderful Golden Retriever who, like us, was missing our lovely cat Emily who had recently passed. Bogey and Charlie became best buddies from the minute Bogey entered our home.
Bogey missed and vocally mourned Charlie when Charlie passed in 2007. A few months later we brought Milo home, a 9-week-old Goldendoodle puppy (from RAGOM, a Golden Retriever rescue). We give Bogey a lot of credit for putting up with him. Milo is more of a wrestler than a snuggler, but Bogey was game and almost always welcomed Milo's attention.
Unlike Charlie, who at Bogey's insistence licked Bogey's head until it was sopping wet, Milo preferred to drag Bogey around by his head. At first we were alarmed and would rescue Bogey, but he always ran back and sat in front of Milo as if to say, "Do it again!" They were an odd couple, but it worked.
Bogey Bear, as we affectionately called him, was a true connoisseur of laps and sunny spots. He would stand in our Lazy Boy chair and squawk (he didn't really meow) to get someone to sit down and provide him with a lap to snuggle in.
Bogey also loved to travel with us to the many cabins we rented in northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and even the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We would chirp happily as we headed out on our road trips, just thrilled to be going along. When we arrived at our destination, he would explore every nook and cranny.
Bogey was amazingly healthy and alert until his very last day. Sadly, he suffered an aortic saddle thrombus--a large blood clot that paralyzes the back legs and causes great pain. The prognosis for this condition is extremely poor, especially considering Bogey's age (16 or 17). We made the loving but heartrending decision to say good-bye and end his suffering.
We'll miss his sweet face, his scrappy nature, and his need to be near us both at home and during our travels. He was such a good "little gray guy" and we will never forget him.