In loving memory of

Katherine V. Croghan-Partridge
November 26, 1944 - January 2, 2019

Katherine Croghan-Partridge, 74, of Plantation, FL passed away on January 2, 2019 peacefully at home.

Kathy was born in Baltimore, MD on November 26, 1944. She became a Registered Nurse and moved to South Florida in 1976, where she continued in her nursing career until 2018.

Kathy is survived by her husband, Jack; her three children, Mary, Douglas, and James; two stepsons, John and Charlie; and her 6 grandchildren, James, Alexandra, Maximilian, Brooke, Alexa, and Kylee. She also leaves her brother, Brian; and her mother, Mary; in addition to several nieces and nephews to cherish her memory.

Funeral services will be held between 6-8pm on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at Fred Hunters Funeral Home in Davie, FL.

Our family would like to thank all of our friends, family, and her coworkers for all of their support in the last several months.


Kathryn Bembas wrote on Jan 9, 2019:

"She was a very influential at a pivotal point in my life. She provided much needed advice and support as I was transitioning off to college. My deepest sympathies to her family and friends, she will be greatly missed."

Sandy Mitchell wrote on Jan 6, 2019:

"I still see her sparking eyes and mischievous smile sitting behind her desk. Always positive, finding a clever solution to any problem and forever making me laugh with her sassy wit. She was a delight and one of the BEST BOSS?s I have ever had the pleasure to work with. We were a team and we both enjoyed our job and each other.. Kathy had my respect and admiration, two things, in my opinion, only a select few ever deserved. We LOVED our children and grandchildren, I don?t know who bragged more, Kathy or me. So many of our Co-workers would come to Kathy for advise, whether it be personal, medical or work related. Proof positive that I wasn?t the only one that respected and admired her. We last spoke on the phone at the end of August for over 2 hours, she had me laughing nearly the entire time with her unique sense of humor. She said with a sense of pride and a hint of ? I?ll show them!? that she had already lived a month longer than the doctors said she would. What an attitude!! I loved that about Kathy, she could relate the most awful events in such a way that you were chuckling under your breath. Kathy was a loyal friend, a respected and admired executive and a loving daughter, wife, Mother and Grandma. There is absolutely no one like her. I know all of you miss her terribly, as so I, my deepest sympathies are with you as well as my prayers. May God bless you with the peace that passes all understanding."

Leah Strub wrote on Jan 4, 2019:

"My deepest sympathy goes out to your family. Kathy was always there for everyone in our office. Whether it be for an ear to listen, a blood pressure check, carting someone to the ER or calling rescue, she took charge when one was in need. She took me to the hospital a couple of times. One of those trips I was admitted to give birth by c section - she stayed with me while I waited for my then husband to arrive. We wondered if he was ever going to make it and she said if he doesn?t get here I?ll go in with you. That?s just the way she was. I will forever cherish those memories (plus the many laughs, oxygen therapy sessions and the infamous Kathy salute) and will always hold her in my heart. She was a sassy, classy lady - she will be greatly missed. Leah Strub "

Eileen Brown wrote on Jan 4, 2019:

"My prayers and condolences for Kathy's family. Kathy and I enjoyed some good times at work, especially during our lunch break?"