In loving memory of

Delane P. Maves
July 29, 1949 - January 4, 2019

Survived by a son, Kelley (wife Jessica) ; grandchildren, Riley and Morgan; brothers, Terry and Shelton.

Private "Celebration of Life" to be held.


Margaret Rowe wrote on Feb 25, 2019:

"Delane was my home health patient off and on for years. Visiting Delane was something to look forward to and relish. He was the real deal. His house and garden were ongoing art projects, Gary the beloved black lab a gentle spirit, Delane?s fantastic vegetarian diet still inspires me. I will continue to think of him every time we use his old air conditioner, but I?ll tell you, out of the thousands of patients I?ve seen, he is the one I?ll always remember ?"

Barbara (Laba) Dunning wrote on Feb 7, 2019:

"I have known Delane (as Price) for 50 years. We kept in touch most of that time, but sadly not for a few years. I wish I could have been there to support him in his final days. I loved Price, my high school sweetheart, and I will never forget all the good times we shared. "

Lan Remme wrote on Jan 20, 2019:

"I?ll miss Delane. He had style. He was cavalier. He was thoughtful and self-possessed. As I can see below, he left us with indelible memories. RIP. "

Jayne Ahrens wrote on Jan 14, 2019:

"It's a corny cliche...but they did break the mold after Delane. He was such a unique individual with so many talents. A brilliant and funny raconteur, a creative interior designer and landscape artist, an astute business man, an excellent peer counselor, and a true friend. I'll always remember the way he described SCI at a peer counseling gathering. He said the first year it's a full time job, after that it becomes a part-time job. Sadly it seems it had become a full time job again for him in the past couple of years. We both had been facing new challenges and I appreciated his advice on my situation and was happy (and flattered) when he sought my advice. I've often thought of Delane as a master conductor of the orchestra of life. He had a talent for directing the world around him. The quintessential great communicator. A friend described him as having an acerbic wit and as being fiercely intelligent. Yes, but he was also kind, gentle and brave. A good friend, who I wasn't done spending time with but for whom I'm grateful to to have included me in his life. Missing you, Delane."

Linda Robinson wrote on Jan 10, 2019:

"I too came to know and love DeLane as one of his yoga teachers and friends over the last 18 months. He brought me deep joy and connection as his soul roamed playfully over and around the world. He was an artist. A creator. A communicator. An entrepreneur. A friend. A man. Pops. Grandpa. His heart and love of life were unbounded. Music. Art. Nature. Light. Color. Sound. Taste. All of the natural world. His soul is at peace - ?his world on a string and sitting on a rainbow? - old blue eyes. An undaunted spirit. A soul mate. Your friend Linda. I expect to miss you forever. Keep in touch. See you in the future. True story my friend. "

valerie woolvett wrote on Jan 10, 2019:

"Sigh, hard to believe you are no longer here my friend. Steve Steins tribute was eloquent and on target. Delane and I were neighbors and I knew him from his inpatient stay in rehab. We shared ideas for yard design and home decorating. Delane had an eye for esthetics, a fun loving spirit and very creative mind. His ability to cope and manage his disability was inspiring to all. In spite of his many close calls he always came out of it with a witty sense of humor and loving spirit. He had created an artistic oasis in his home space and was able to direct others, whether it was his care needs, gardening projects or house renovation projects. He opened up his heart to many. I recall his "laugh" therapy classes on Phinney ridge and sharing in the laughter! Delane was an amazing and eccentric guy, was loved by many and will be missed dearly. "

Beth wrote on Jan 10, 2019:

"It was always a highlight of my week to have Delane attend our yoga class. He had an incredible sense of fashion and humor that were some of the many reflections of his bright spirit. I will miss him and continue to honor him as we use his memories and essence during our classes. I'm sorry for his family and friends to have to say goodbye to his worldly presence."

Anne Fey wrote on Jan 10, 2019:

"Delane and I were in rehab together at UWMC in 1996. He was in the room next door to mine. We became fast friends and have remained so ever since. We shared a special bond. This past year has been very hard on him, stuck in bed, in and out of hospitals and nursing homes. The news of his death came as a shock, but I know he is at last at peace. Rest in peace, my friend. You are one of a kind. Anne Fey"

Julie Fournier wrote on Jan 10, 2019:

"On behalf of Adaptive Yoga Northwest (AYNW), I would like to express our heartfelt condolences to the family. We've had the opportunity to meet Delane a few years ago and to accompany him almost until the end on his extraordinary life journey. Delane brought his wonderful sense of humor to our Wednesday class and shared with us numerous insights and examples of how to find joy living with a disability. I had the chance to work with him privately as his health declined. I'm grateful for the wisdom that he gracefully shared during this life transition. I will continue to carry him in my heart and to remember the important life lessons that he shared. Julie and the AYNW Team."

Michelle wrote on Jan 9, 2019:

"My heartfelt condolences to the Maves family. May God?s loving kindness comfort and help your family through this difficult time. (Psalm 119:, 50, 76) With deepest sympathy, Michelle"

Steven A Stiens MD MS wrote on Jan 8, 2019:

"Delane has always been a very strong and sensitive friend to all with a magnetic personality, a ridiculous sense of humor, and with an infinitely fun loving spirit. His constantly changing and quirky thoughtful "keep you smiling" phone answering machine messages had me leaving laughing messages only to recompose myself after I hang up! He frequently made me forget why I called. As a responsible and participative Seattleite, Delane has welcomed many to his home creating a warm and communal family for living and doing business. His eclectic yard, bordered by bamboo with a Hubbard tank as a pond and sculpture has always been a welcome wheelchair accessible sanctuary weather it be his casual and spiritual wedding feast or just an informal cookout. He remains a leader in disability adaptation and educational innovation via his many and ongoing efforts to help all of us live and love WELL in spite of our many disabilities. His buoyant attitude pervades the many memories of him that we all treasure. As we share these funny vignettes, these stories will be ongoing life preservers for many!!! He has been a very dear friend to very many of us! Steven A Stiens MD MS"