In loving memory of

Ora Mae Douglass
January 8, 2019

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Inez McGregor Magalona wrote on Jan 21, 2019:

"Mrs. Ora Mae Douglass was a beloved neighbor, a friend of the family, entrepreneur, and pillar of the community. She was the last of the original S Americus St homeowners from my old neighborhood. The Douglass?s, Agnew?s, and Johnson?s all made contributions to my brother and sisters lives while we were growing up, Mrs. Douglass showed us what it meant to not only a homeowner by beautifying your home inside and out, but what it meant to own a business and contribute to your church and community. She took time to show us how to make things for our home by hand. She was a part of our family and was there for graduations, holidays and birthdays. I admired her wardrobe and learned to shop quality and not quantity by watching how well she dressed and the stores she frequented. I often saw her come home late at night after working long hard hours at her self-owned upholstery shop called Sitting Pretty on Douglass Upholstery. She and her late husband worked many hours producing beautiful quality pieces of furniture that stood the test of time. Some of which are still in the home that I grew up in today. She was a long-time member of First AME Church and worked tirelessly in the church and her community. She loved to entertain and gave great parties. She was kind, a loving neighbor, and a friend to everyone she met. My brother, sisters and I loved her and will always remember her laugh and her sincere adoration and kindness. Inez (McGregor) Magalona Avondale, AZ "

Dana McGregor wrote on Jan 17, 2019:

"Mrs. Douglass was the best neighbor anyone could ever have! I truly love and miss her. Dana McGregor Mrs. Douglass will be greatly missed. She was a wonderful person who looked out for us when we were growing up. I will miss her. Valerie McGregor"