In loving memory of

Joe Alvarez
August 4, 1961 - January 8, 2019

It is with great sadness that the family of Jose "Joe" Alvarez announces his passing while with his family and friends on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at the age of 57.

Joe was born in Havana, Cuba on August 4, 1961 and immigrated as a toddler with his family to the United States. Joe graduated from Monsignor Edward Pace High School and continued his education receiving an MBA at the University of Phoenix. In 1986, he passionately started pursuing his career in the Construction industry. For over 20 years he built homes and buildings for others as well as dreams for himself. Always the entrepreneur, he spent the past 2 years developing multi-million-dollar homes in the Caribbean islands as a Project Executive with Discovery Builders, LLC.

Joe was a devoted husband, an exemplary son, and a reliable and loving brother. Joe was the patriarch of the family always leading and guiding with sternness, practicality, forgiveness and love. He was a lover of nature, animals and the outdoors. He was drawn to the ocean enjoying the beach, boating and sunsets by the sea. Joe was a man of action, integrity, and attention to detail. With his moral compass always heading true north - honesty, straight forwardness, fairness and transparency was his code. You always knew where you stood with Joe. Always the fitness buff, his big, strong, beautiful physique matched his personality and his heart. His inviting smile, profound eyes, powerful hugs and quiet confidence brought a sense of stability, security and wisdom when he would walk into a room. Lucky were those who had the opportunity to know him. He will be missed but never forgotten.

Joe will be lovingly remembered by his wife and best friend of 33 years, Connie; parents, Jose and Avelina; brother Jesus; sister Maria and nieces Rennie, Daniella, Adriana and nephew Ari. Joe will also be forever remembered by his numerous uncles, aunts and extended family and dear friends.

Visitation will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 13 at the Fred Hunter Funeral Home - 6301 Taft St., Hollywood, FL 33024. Celebration of Life will be at 7:00 p.m.

Memorial donations in the memory of Joe can be made to St. Jude Children's Hospital,


Xiomy Alvarez-Quintero wrote on Jan 13, 2019:

"It is with a broken heart, I share these memories of my cousin Joe. Joey was pure love. My earliest memory was of him pushing my stroller while running at Disney because it was raining. This is the type of guy he was even at a young age. Every milestone he shared with the ones he love. When Joey bought his Corvette he came and picked up our Aunt and myself and took us for a ride. I can still see the smile on his face as he told us to get in. Joey was our very own Dance Fever King. When I was little he?d would dance in the with me in the carport and lift me up and say you don?t weight a thing. As we got older, every chance he got at our family gatherings he pulled his girls on floor to dance with him. Passing on his knowledge to the next generation. He got such a kick of teaching his nieces. Joe was witty, sarcastically funny and had the most contiguous laugh. What I loved about it the most was there was a little teasing in it when he was being bad. It?s a laughter that will always ring in my head. Joey was big, strong and tough but when he loved you boy he loved you just as big. He was honest and to the point. Never with any malice but just tough love. He said the things that others thought and wouldn?t say. All those things said out of love. Joe was giving, so giving that when he was gathering his Jack Daniels limited edition collection, he told me ?Hey Xiom here, I?mma give you this limited Edition because I know if I give it to Choo he?ll drink it? followed by his teasing laugh. It was the little things that made him so special. When I lost my sister Joey would call to check up on me all the time. He loved to FaceTime from the Bahamas while sitting on the porch with his cigar and drink in hand. He?d do all he could to make me laugh. We shared many happy moments over the Holidays. I will always hold dear his greeting of ?Hey Marilyn, I got your drink? as he squeezed me tight and gave me a kiss. And as soon as we were done eating ?grab your drink let?s go smoke a cigar?. Those things I will miss but I will miss Joey the most. He wasn?t just my cousin he was my Eldest Brother my Big tough teddy bear. He told me a few years back, we need to brace ourself because we?re gonna be losing the elders in the next few years. Never in my wildest dreams would I think I?d have to say goodbye to him so soon. I will never understand Gods plan, but Heaven was missing an Angel and God brought him home. I will continue to live life. As this is how he would want us to. I will think of you always Joey, until we are all reunited again. Forever in my heart. Tu Marques. Love your Prima Hermana, Xiomy"

Rennie Alvarez wrote on Jan 13, 2019:

"It's with a heavy heart to say that my Tio Pupi was taken away from us way too early, but is now an angel watching over all of us. My Tio was an amazing man who will be remembered by so many. Although he lived far and I didn't see him often, every memory I made with him, I will cherish forever. I always had the best time when I was around him. He was so fun, funny, goofy, crazy, kind, and warm-hearted. He was such an amazing uncle. He always did everything he could for his nieces and nephew and would always have something fun for us to do and always make us laugh. I remember always looking forward to spending the weekend in his house with my brother and cousins when we were younger. It was always so much fun. We would always go up and down the elevator, 100 times, play Wii, play with Simone, and sometimes go on his beautiful boat. I remember rolling down the grass near the dock with him and my cousins and laughing so hard and going on the boat to see the sunset. I remember riding his motorcycle and driving in the car with him. He was so cool. There was never a dull moment when we were with him. He loved us so much. I also remember going to Disney with him, my aunt Connie, and my cousins. We had the best times on all the rides. Every time we had family gatherings at my Tio Chus house, he would always dance with us and teach us all of his funky dance moves and teach my cousins and me how to dance to disco music. We would always say how old the songs were and then we would show him a more modern song. These moments and all the memories I made with my Tio will never be forgotten, I just wish there could be more. As I got older, he always told me how excited he was to have a cigar and a drink with me when I got older. He was always chilling smoking a cigar living his life to the fullest. Not only was he an amazing uncle, but also a loving friend, son, big brother, and husband. His smile and sweet face always lit up whatever room he was in. He will never be forgotten by all the people he loved and inspired. I love you forever Tio. Rest in peace "

Daniela Alvarez-Quintero wrote on Jan 11, 2019:

"It?s bittersweet to say that I now have an angel constantly watching over me and protecting me. My tio pupi was a great man. Although I didn?t see my uncle all the time, I truly cherish the memories I made with him during all the family gatherings and the times we were together. I remember one christmas he tried to teach me how to dance to disco music since he was ?a pro?. We had a laugh when ?the pro? had actually dropped me while we were doing a disco dip. Anyone one who knew my uncle knows that he was a great designer and construction guy. I remember the nieces would always fight over who was going to get his house when he was old, he always secretly said it was going to be me. My tio loved all his nieces and his nephew very much, he went out of his way to always try and spend time with us or take us on trips, especially to orlando, he loved all the parks. Fortunately, when I was younger I got to go with him and aunt connie to disney along with my primos, it was a great trip. Just the other day we were talking about going up to Orlando for halloween horror nights. Even though he?s gone I?ll reminisce on the time we spent together. It?s going to be very different now that he?s gone, our family functions won?t ever be the same, but I know his spirit will still be among us, he?ll still be with us relaxing smoking a puff out of his cigar. We all loved him very very much, God just loved him more. Rest easy Tio Pupi Your Negra, Daniela"

adriana alvarez-quintero wrote on Jan 11, 2019:

"One of the most wholehearted people was my Tio Joe, and every time I saw him there was nothing but a beautiful smile on his face, he was an amazing person and such an amazing human overall. There was never a moment ever that I saw my uncle sad. Overtime when I saw him, he always reminded me so much of myself. He was my godfather and everyone in my family would say that I look like him the most and he set an example for me and always knew how to make me laugh no matter what, he was a father like figure to me and could make anyone laugh. His time here on Earth was short, and I will never understand why God had to take him so early in his lifetime. Right now, I think he's up there in heaven watching over us and protecting us forever I have no doubt about it. Although I wish could say how much I loved him and how much he meant to me, his death also taught me to appreciate my family more then ever. I thank him for being who he is and loving me non stop. There is so many I would have wanted to said him and express how much I loved him, because I did so so so much. Life is a rollercoaster and my tio lived it to his fullest, I hope to be at least half the person he was. Tio was one of the best people I've ever met in my entire life. His death did not hurt me but made me stronger, because I know he would want me to be strong too. I will miss you forever until I meet you again... from, you niece and goddaughter. Adriananita"

Valerie Robilotto wrote on Jan 11, 2019:

" I met Joe over 30 years ago when my best friend Connie was to be my maid of honor and wanted me to meet the man she was to marry. From our first meeting Joe treated me like we had know each other forever! He was so inviting, sincerely wanted to know about me and a very fun and funny guy! I knew Joe was the one and only man for Connie! Joe was such a genuine person with a zest for adventure. To say Joe will be missed hardly puts to words how robbed we all are. We have been robbed of the last laugh, conversation, good meal, cocktail and cigar with one of the greatest guys iv3 had the pleasure of knowing and loving. Rest in peace Joe. ?"

Ray Murdock wrote on Jan 11, 2019:

"Joe has been a great friend for over 20 years. We have got the opportunity to work on projects together, go to the islands together, spend a little time out on the boat smoking fine cigars and drinking the best rum!!! I'm devastated as I'm sure everyone is, but I got to spend some quality years with my friend and that will always be cherished memories Ray Murdock"

Rick wrote on Jan 11, 2019:

"Joe.... we?ll never know why you were taken from us, but it was far too soon. I?ll miss having a rum and a cigar with you more than words can say... you were a good friend and a good man. You will be missed, and remembered. With love, Rick"

Cindy Newhouse wrote on Jan 10, 2019:

"I met Joe at the Owl's Nest Project in Wellington and followed him on many projects in Palm Beach and the Bahamas. So glad his beloved Connie contacted me several weeks ago. Ben Clemen's history with Joe, I'm sure mirrors the sentiments, of many that knew him. In the past weeks I am thankful to have met his wonderful parents, his beautiful sister and brother and two of his gorgeous nieces. His friends Mari and Charlie and Keith were by his side in the last weeks. As with most of his acquaintenances who he had given nicknames, my tag was Cabinet Lady. His favorite restaurant was Havanas in WPB. I valued Joe and Connie's friendship. He will be missed. He is on his next journey. "

Ben Clemens wrote on Jan 10, 2019:

"I worked with Joe in the construction industry for quite a few years. During that time we weren't just work associates but we also grew a close friendship. We often went to lunch together (usually a Chinese buffet by his choice) for a break during the day and would talk, laugh or try to solve the problems in the world. Joe's abilities in construction were tremendous. To start off with he was relational and always demonstrated respect for his peers and to his Owners. He was a problem solver and his knowledge enabled him to build successful commercial projects and multi-million dollar homes which he was very proud of. Combined with his construction abilities Joe had tremendous business skills and was a manager who ran his projects extremely organized and with great detail from start to finish. Joe was a determined man and always did the right thing. He taught me a lot and gave me perspective on many issues that would arise, not just professionally but personally as well. He was caring and as big and tough as he was, he was not ashamed to shed a tear or two when he was impacted emotionally about something. Joe had a love for the water and boats which I got to enjoy with him from time to time. I am reminded of a time during a Christmas season when he & Connie and some other friends met at our house for a nearby co-workers party who also lived on the water in Lake Clarke Shores. After the party we went on a boat cruise and Joe became determined to pursued me to join him in a dance on the bow of the boat in front of everyone, and I will leave it at that. You can let your visual imagination take it from there if you knew Joe. How we stayed dry and didn't end up in the water still remains a mystery to me. As I am sure you all know, he was fun and daring. As I reflect on Joe, I can still hear him say "Hey Benniehonna" when he would greet me either in person or on the phone. I now find myself yearning to hear him say those words again. I moved to the west coast of FL 7-1/2 years ago and haven't talked to him for about 5 of those years now, and I, like so many others, tend to get so caught up in our daily lives that we allow time to pass by until special friends like Joe slip away. Joe is forever etched in my heart, and where his physical presence on this earth may be gone, his friendship will remain alive in my heart as I know it will for all of his Family and friends. I may not know you but I know that we will all share an aching void in our lives with the loss of Joe. Rest in peace my Friend. "