In loving memory of

Audrey Colombo
July 4, 1934 - February 6, 2019


Carol Kajano wrote on Feb 7, 2019:

"I first met Audrey in 1964, when she moved with her family to 5 Gage Rd., next door to my family. Michael and I grew up together, and Mr. and Mrs. Colombo were like second parents to me. And, believe me, Mrs. C. did not miss much! When I look back on the Gage Rd. days, I remember the backyard barbeques, Mrs. C yelling at Missy the crazy Weimeramer, Mr. C sitting me down when my own Dad was at the end of his rope, and Mrs. C?s fantastic barbequed chicken. She was a great lady, and fun to be around - a bright, energetic, funny lady with a lot of class. I was lucky to have her be part of my childhood; Mr. C also. I will always remember both of them with affection. I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to Audrey?s family. Godspeed Mrs. C. "