In loving memory of

Stephen Millar
November 30, 1948 - February 2, 2019

Stephen "Steve" Kelly Millar of Madison, WI, age 70, passed away on February 2, 2019, in the company of loved ones. He was born November 30, 1948, in Menomonie, WI to Duncan and Margaret Millar (Husby). He married Katherine Millar (Cammack) on September 16, 1978.

Steve grew up in Milwaukee, WI, and moved to Madison where he attended the University of Wisconsin. He earned a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and worked as a high school math teacher and tutor. Steve returned to UW and studied actuarial science. After years of study and hard work he obtained the highest designation, a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. He spent the majority of his actuarial career with Wisconsin/Central Life Insurance, and later worked many years as a private consultant. Steve also proudly served in the Wisconsin Army National Guard.

Steve had many passions: he loved playing basketball, listening to music, learning about his heritage, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, enjoying nature and exploring the outdoors through sports, camping and gardening. He held season tickets to Wisconsin Badger football and basketball, but invested even more time in his children's activities. He was a dedicated husband and father, and took great pride in his family. Steve passed on his lifelong commitment to learning and the importance of pursuing happiness.

Steve is survived by his beloved family, wife Katherine, children Andrew Millar (Lauren) and Julia Stover (Jonathan), grandchildren Levi Stover and Veda Millar, mother-in-law Lois Cammack, siblings Robert Millar, Susan Edman and Patrick Millar (Isabela), brother-in-law Clark (Joyce) Cammack, aunt Betty Millar, and nephews, cousins and friends. He is preceded in death by his father Duncan Millar, mother Margaret Millar, father-in-law Clarence Cammack, and brother-in-law David Cammack. Steve will be greatly missed by all.

Steve was eternally grateful for the gift of a kidney from his sister Susan, which allowed him more quality years with his family.

A celebration of life will take place in early spring in Menomonie, WI. Date and time have yet to be determined, but anyone wishing for details can contact Cress Funeral Home. Anyone wishing to celebrate Stephen may write a memory at to be shared at his life celebration.

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David Moore wrote on Feb 15, 2019:

"I remember Steve staying at our house in Menomonie, He made the comment while looking out the window overlooking the pool, It is just like staying with the Rockefeller's. My father in-law Bob Stratton would always look forward to his visits with Stevey. He even helped me re roof the garage, of course with a few stories of all his roofing adventures. "

Nancy Kaellner wrote on Feb 12, 2019:

"I was so sad to hear of Steve's passing. I knew him from Asbury United Methodist Church when he volunteered to mentor my eighth grade son, Brad, who was a friend of Andrew's. Steve was so very kind to Brad - he bought him a new Bible, and befriended my quiet son. He became Brad's basketball coach and taught him basketball, along with God's Word. I will be forever grateful for his gentle kindness and for sharing his faith in Jesus Christ with my teenager. I know Steve is with Jesus now and being blessed beyond our imaginations. I'm praying for God's comfort to surround Kathy and their family as they miss him. Nancy Kaellner"

Jeff Furst wrote on Feb 11, 2019:

"As a co-worker from Steve's days at Wisconsin Life, I was saddened to learn of his death. My remembrance of him was that he was a cheerful and gentle person. That combination made people happy to be around him. Jeff Furst"

Richard and Linda Kaye wrote on Feb 10, 2019:

"Steve and I knew each other in the 70?s. I thought very highly of Steve and we became friends. Steve was kind enough to let me stay at his apartment when I was traveling in the Madison area. He and I played hoops at the ?Red Gym?. I think I called him the ?leaper?! He was a talented basketball player and great person to hang out with. I admired his dedication to his educational pursuits to earn each step, progressing in his actuarial career. We had great conversations on different topics and shared many laughs! If time permitted, Steve and I would share a breakfast at a local restaurant before we went our separate ways. I was honored to have Steve stand up in my wedding on 09.21.74. Linda and I recently talked about Steve and wondered how he was doing. I read the notice today. God bless you Steve, rest in peace. Our condolences to Kathy, his children, family and friends. (Steve is far right in the attached photo, Tom Stauder, a very good friend of Steve, is far left. I have my arm around Steve.) Respectfully, Rich and Linda Kaye (Kwasniewski) "

Lauren Millar wrote on Feb 10, 2019:

"Steve?s love for his wife is something I?ll never forget about him. When I first met his son I was touched by the love I saw between Steve and Kathy - it was unconditional and true, and what I wanted in mine. Marrying into the Millar family has been the best decision of my life. I?ll never forget the kindness Steve showed me every time he saw me - one of my favorite memories was him giving me a ride on his Harley. The way Steve loved is carried on through Andrew and Julia. The way they love their family is the same. Love, your daughter in law, Lauren"

Carolyn Bernstein wrote on Feb 10, 2019:

"My deepest sympathies to Steve's family. May the memories of Steve bring a smile to your face and soul."

Cheryl Searls wrote on Feb 9, 2019:

"Steve is a person that I feel lucky to have known. At work, he was very professional and I appreciate what I learned when I got the chance to work with him at Wisconsin/Central Life. He had a sense of humor that made you appreciate the lighter side of the real world. Steve, we will miss you!"

Patsy Styer wrote on Feb 9, 2019:

"This memorial photo of Steve is exactly as I remember him in the 60's. I enjoyed many visits with him when he came back to Menomonie. He was so genuinely kind hearted and considerate always. Steve was highly intelligent and could write beautiful letters. I would often have to use the dictionary to look up words he wrote. "

Holland Millar wrote on Feb 9, 2019:

"Cousin Steve and I spent a lot of exciting times together when we were growing up, especially in our latter teen years and throughout our 20?s working on the home farm and normal guy things. Basketball games in the haymow, wrestling in the silage, throwing hay hay bales etc. Steve was the best man when I got married and he was godparent to my son Josh. I have lot of stories and good memories of Steve. We will see you again. ? Cousin Holland"

Jeremy Tollefson wrote on Feb 8, 2019:

"I will always remember one hot summer day at the Millar house about 20 years ago. Andrew and I were locked in an epic lightweight wrestling match, and more than likely causing a little too much ruckus for an indoor activity. The battle was halted by a booming voice coming from downstairs. "ANDREW!" Steve then asked, or perhaps told, us to join him in the living room to watch the 90-minute Ken Burns documentary on the life and career of Louisiana Governor and Senator Huey Long. Steve sat in his chair enjoying the documentary and our company with no shirt on, wearing his Chuck Taylors, and drinking what was surely one of America's last bottles of Bud Ice Light. From that day on, I have thought of Steve every time I see or hear anything about "The Kingfish". Whether that memory is entirely accurate, I think Steve would appreciate the way I remember it. Steve always had the ability to make me smile. When he walked into a room you just never knew what the topic of conversation might be. Whether asking me questions about what I was learning in school, the Badger basketball team, or life on the campaign trail, Steve had a genuine intellectual curiosity about life and a sense of humor to match. "

Dave Nelson wrote on Feb 7, 2019:

"Steve was a terrific person: smart, energetic, friendly, generous, continually looking out for people around him, and humble. It was always a treat to be with Steve. He was an encouraging boss who wanted to see great results for the company and for the people he worked with. He played all sports - and especially basketball - with gusto. He was capable of being both very serious and quite silly. Friends knew that when Steven and Kathy asked us to their home we were going to have a great time. Steve was always kind to me. He repeatedly interpreted the things that I did in the most positive light. It was really quite amazing. Steve was a person of substance. He was forever looking a new theory that would make the company more effective. He was serious about his faith in God. His work for Habitat was selfless. Steve was humble. While I often heard him talk about the good things done by others, I never hear him boast of his own accomplishments. If anything Steve was too humble and too hard on himself. I am going to miss Steve. "

Kassia Millar wrote on Feb 7, 2019:

"Rest in peace Steve. Your whole family is so welcoming. I am so blessed to be part of the Millar family and to be embraced by all of you. Thank you for all the kindness everytime we got together and for sharing all the knowledge of your family with us and know both Tim and I share your love of Menomonie! I know you are back home now. Till we meet there again. "

Kristi Skubis wrote on Feb 7, 2019:

"Deepest sympathies for your family in this time of sorrow. Sincerely, Kristi Skubis (sister-in-law of his cousin Timberly Millar)"

Marty Timmins wrote on Feb 7, 2019:

"I?ll always remember Steve for the times we worked together at Wisconsin Life and Wisconsin Physicians Service. He was such an intelligent man and always in complete command of his field of actuarial science. I?ll remember him also for his broad smile and friendly manner. You always felt comfortable in his presence. It is so sad that such an intelligent man suffered from the health condition he had. He was a good man and God always seems to take the good ones home early. always seems to take the good ones home early."

Diane Brunner wrote on Feb 7, 2019:

"I pray the happy memories of times you shared bring you comfort. "

Tom Stauder wrote on Feb 7, 2019:

"Saddened by the news that Steve has passed. A friendship that extends around 60 years or so. Steve and I grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same grade school, high school and even college. (UW). Memories and experiences too many to mentioned but Steve and I always were extremely competitive when it came to the game of basketball. We each took personal pride in getting the best of the other on any given day. Enjoyed visiting him in Madison and attending UW football and basketball games. Dunc and Marg were always enjoyable. Sympathies to Kathy, Julia, Andrew, along with sister Susan, brothers Bob and Pat and all family members. He will be greatly missed. May God welcome him with open arms. Tom Stauder"

Patrick millat wrote on Feb 7, 2019:

"To my dear brother, May you find much comfort in God?s house. I know you are already doing good work teaching algebra, coaching basketball, baling hay, tending to the garden, canning cucumbers, and roofing a house now and then. We will miss you. Love your little brother, Patrick"

NATALIE SLOCUMB WITTE wrote on Feb 7, 2019:

"I miss you so very much at Asbury, Steve. Ken and I were so very happy to visit with you each week. You were always so enthusiastic and forward looking. So much to talk about in Menomonie. Martha Stratton called my daughter Anita in Menomonie to tell me of your passing. I always asked about you in our Christmas letter. I called Asbury to tell them you had gone home. Say hello to Ken. My greatest sympathy to all your family. You were a great addition to my life. Natalie Witte "

John Sheski wrote on Feb 7, 2019:

"I worked with Steve at Wisconsin Life/Central Life and then again years later at WPSIC and EPIC Life. I always enjoyed his company, especially his thoughtful --- and thought-provoking --- approach to solving problems and dealing with life's challenges. I visited Steve and Katherine at their memory care apartment in mid-December 2017, and I now deeply regret not visiting them again. John Sheski"

Scott Husby wrote on Feb 6, 2019:

"So sorry to learn of Steves passing. I have so many great memories of Steve on the farm. He was so quick to smile. He was so good to my dad, his Uncle Ron, and to his Uncle Bob Stratton. They both enjoyed and looked so forward to his visits. Katherine, Andrew and Julia, please know he touched so many lives. He was loved by all and will be missed by many. Our thoughts and prayers to you all."