In loving memory of

Vernadette "Jo-Lyn" Kraynak
May 29, 1959 - February 7, 2019

Vernadette Jo-Lyn Kaynak was born May 29, 1959 as the youngest daughter to Peggy Campbell. She was born in Pasadena Texas, and due to being a member of an Army family, moved to Florida when she was under a year old.

At just 17 years old, Jo-Lyn started her 35 year career with Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO). She quickly gained a reputation for her mathematical memory, sharp wit, and sarcasm. She became a much sought after source of State Statue information and updates within the Booking department. Shortly after starting at BSO, Jo-Lyn met her future husband, another police officer, George Kraynak. They were equals in sarcasm, wit, and dedication to their careers and family. Their match resulted in 7 years of marriage and 2 daughters along with 5 children from George's first marriage. Jo-Lyn happily retired from BSO in 2008, and dedicated time to herself, family, and friends.

Jo-Lyn was the most generous soul. She was truthfully the type of person who would give the shirt off her back to buy something pretty for someone else. Her joy was in giving to those she loved. She was kind, unbiased, a survivor, sarcastic, loving, intelligent, and used whatever influence she had to make it easier on someone else. She was the type of person who made best friends with her ex-husband's third wife, Celia. They were inseparable, and created a family environment that was warm and caring for both growing daughters. Anyone who knew her knew she lived for her daughters Christina and Nicole. She was a remarkable mother who showed her daughters unconditional love and support. She taught them lessons so engrained into their personalities that these traits will be gifts to be discovered through their lifetimes.

Jo-Lyn was the family glue. She was the one who kept the family in contact with each other. She dearly loved her brother Ron and sisters Carroll and Bobbi. She was also very close to her nieces P.J. and Amber. On December 24 2017, Jo-Lyn met the love of her life, her grandson, Gabriel. Born the day before her youngest daughter's birthday, Gabriel was already in on an inside joke with his Nana, Jo-Lyn shined as a Nana. She got a spark in her that was visible and audible every time she spoke his name. Gabriel in turn lit up for his Nana. They had a connection that could not be understood from the outside of it.

Jo-Lyn is survived by her daughters Christina and Nicole, son in law Mike, grandson Gabriel, brother Ron and sister in law Blanca, nephew Nico, sister Bobbi, nieces P.J. and Amber, sister Carroll, nephews William, David, and Stephen, niece Rose, and step daughters Patricia, Elizabeth, Suzanne, and Laura.

Jo-Lyn lived her life to her terms. She was a survivor, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend that will never be matched anywhere. May she find peace where she is, while those of us who are left find peace until we see her again.


Ryan wrote on Apr 7, 2019:

"The world is much more dim. Sleep well, lady."

Peggy fleming wrote on Feb 25, 2019:

"Any way the wind blows...............??"

Peggy fleming wrote on Feb 25, 2019:

"My Beautiful Aunt Jolyn..... As far and as long as I can remember, you were Always there. I remember you going to the Academy, bringing home your teammates to study, i was there to be annoying, and learn from you, and eventually aquire some of your humor, which Iam grateful very grateful for. I loved our Road trips, you took me everywhere, and we listened to great music, Fleetwood Mac, and the Best Queen, listening to Bohemian Rhapsody, over and over and over untill we learned Every word, I Always think of you on that song. You taught me to be kind and giving, you were a Mom to me, and you were True and Honest, and thats Genuine. My Beautiful Aunt Jolyn, Ill be Homesick for you. I Loved You with All Iam. Forever PJ"

Eric wrote on Feb 20, 2019:

"Jo-lyn, such a wonderful lady. I remember when I would come to your house, it would be below freezing. And mom would love it. We would talk, and enjoy life. But, I recommend for the two daughters to live positively. Your mom, being the wonderful woman that she was. Is now in heaven looking down on your girls. Do the right thing, Respect and love your mommy. She will live with you, inside your mind. Leading you the way to prosperity. Honor, respect and love your mom forever. It?s just two sisters now. Live positivity, by respecting one another... knowing that if ya mess up... momma gonna punch ya in the mouth! When you live positively, you?ll be blessed so much. Ideas, employers, free stuff will be put infront of you. The blessings from your mother. and with this blessing you?ll be super successful. "

Debi Bowman Pato wrote on Feb 18, 2019:

"I remember the time I picked her up for work ( we were working Day Shift then) & she jumped in the car & said, " I might be 8 hours pregnant!!" I said, "oh, would you stop!" So, all day long during our shift, every hour was maybe another hour of being pregnant!! Well, guess what?! We found out in a few days that she was! We laughed so hard but she was totally over the moon to become a Mom!! Oh, my dear friend how I love & miss you! ?"