In loving memory of


Trinity, or as we lovingly called her, 'Our little Trin Trin'

Trinity was so much more than our family dog. She was our companion and always knew when we needed her. She was our best friend and brightened up our home when we walked through the door. She was my therapy dog when I was suffering from depression. She was there for us during the high times and the lows. Trinity was a true member of our family in so many ways.

We had a bond with Trinity so close because she often acted like a person. She made direct eye contact when we spoke to her and she could sense our feelings and be right where we needed her at the moments we most needed her presence. Trinity's favorite activity was going to Target and sitting in the shopping cart. When we'd be out in public people would regularly comment on how she was so well-behaved and acted just like a little person.

I don't think we will ever get over the horrific accident that took Trinity from our lives. Our lives have been completely turned upside down and the loss we feel is beyond description. We will never forget our little Trin Trin and the love and companionship she brought into our lives. She will always live on in our hearts for the rest of our days.

We love you...our little Trin Trin.

Sue & Pat


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