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He wasn't a dog, he was a very hairy human. That's how everyone described Kiko. That's how we found him as his owners. We could never have imagined, when we picked him up as a one year old, that the next 12 and a half years would be spent getting to know him and he us. In every way, this dog taught us more about how to be a good human than almost any other human in our lives. His ability to love unconditionally, listen, find joy in everyday things and just be present in our lives is gift he gave. The love we gave back to him was 10 fold. Losing him has been like losing a limb. You've grown used to having this part of your body and rely on it all the time. Then one day it's gone and you have to learn how adapt to your new reality. That's the point where we are at today.

We will always love him. He was one of a kind. We will miss all the little things about him and how many big changes he made in our lives.

We have a bar in our home called Sunset's Bar. He has been named "Employee of the Year" and will have a permanent monument for him in it. Here is a picture of him at our bar enjoying a "colorado bulldog" on his birthday recently.

Doug and Kari Laska


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