In loving memory of

Samuel A. Moermond-Lytle
July 31, 1997 - May 27, 2019


Cheryl Eskridge wrote on Jun 11, 2019:

"My heart goes out to the family and while I have not had the pleasure of knowing Sam I am the mother of 2 sons and can't even imagine the pain you feel. May your try to find peace and comfort of your memories of Sam along with your love of your other children. So very sorry for your loss. Cheryl Eskridge"

Thomas, Ira, Jonas, Niklas Hölzer wrote on Jun 10, 2019:

"We've received the news of Sam's death with the deepest sorrow. Reading Sam?s obituary we were both sad and also consoled. Sad, because Sam was such a lovely, good and hopeful boy/young man. Consoled, because Sam?s story inspires and keeps so many good and true remembrances of Sam alive. We had the pleasure to witness a little bit of that together with him. So Sam was a precious friend despite the large distance in between us. Now make the angels smile and laugh, Sam, just the way you did it with us over here with your sweet, sincere and humorous nature. Thomas, Ira, Jonas, Niklas from Germany"

Thomas, Ira, Jonas, Niklas Hölzer wrote on Jun 8, 2019:

"Wir haben die Nachricht von Sams Tod mit tiefer Betroffenheit gehört und den Nachruf auf Sam erneut mit Betroffenheit, aber auch getröstet, gelesen. Betroffen, weil Sam ein lieber, guter und hoffnungsvoller Junge/junger Mann war. Getröstet, weil der Nachruf so viel Gutes und Wahres über Sam für die Erinnerung an ihn festhält. Ein klein wenig davon durften wir selber mit ihm erleben. Sam war uns trotz der großen Entfernung ein lieber Freund. Bring' nun die Engel zum Schmunzeln und Lachen, Sam, wie Du es nicht nur bei uns hier drüben im Handumdrehen geschafft hast. Thomas, Ira, Jonas, Niklas aus Deutschland "

Alisa Moore wrote on Jun 8, 2019:

"As I did not have the pleasure of knowing this Youngman. This is sad & tragic news. My heart goes out to the Parents as I know 1st hand what it's like losing a precious child. my heart is in tears for U both & the rest of your family. May God help U toward your new path in life. "

Michael Davidsaver wrote on Jun 6, 2019:

"I am very sorry. I know how hard you worked to help Sam. My hope is he is at rest now. "

Sue Davidson wrote on Jun 6, 2019:

"I did not know Sam but may his beautiful soul rest in peace"