In loving memory of

Edward Hippen
September 22, 1938 - June 11, 2019

Edward Eugene Hippen is croaked.

Ed didn't have much use for words, especially those that shared personal information. He was fiercely private and would find the following offensive and infuriating. Too bad.

Ed lived all but a few of his 80 years in the home where he drew his last breath. He was the oldest son of Fred and Everdena Hippen. He inherited stunning cornflower-sapphire eyes, a strong Protestant work ethic, and a keen sense of humor. There were few things he enjoyed more than cleverly turning a phrase much to the confusion of those who didn't know him well or who weren't paying close attention.

Ed spent much of his life surrounded by women who he helped mold into his likeness--hardworking, independent, and reserved: his wife of 55 years, Midge, and his daughters, Bethany, Amy, and Hilary. He taught them to never doubt the uplifting power of splurging on life's celebrations--new Christmas, Easter, and first-airplane-ride dresses; wedding parasols; and prom attire; to value education, but not over experience and perseverance; to be punctual--always; to use extra care and caution around chemicals, heavy machinery, and intense human connection; to embrace technology--if only vicariously; and to appreciate the effect of a well-placed, well-timed cuss word.

Ed was a reluctant, yet skilled, admired, and successful farmer. His true passion--as far as his closest companions could tell--was engineering unique and resourceful solutions to maintenance challenges. His life as a farmer was briefly interrupted when he was drafted into the Army. The only story he shared about that experience was meeting JFK who he described as the palest person he ever saw.

True to his engineering gifts, Ed constructed a stubborn wall featuring an unapproachable gruff and cantankerous exterior to protect his often underestimated beautiful human heart. He was not perfect nor did he pretend to be.

Ed excelled at living within his means, singing The Yellow Rose of Texas, packing a moving trailer, observing his version of the Sabbath, following through on his word, nurturing and guarding grudges, and looking away from every camera.

Ed despised phonies, spendthrifts, and know-it-alls; spaghetti--and most foods not of the meat and potato variety; and being exhausted between March and November due to losing an hour of sleep to Daylight Savings Time.

Edward Hippen passed away at his home in rural Buffalo Center on June 11, 2019. He is preceded in death by his parents, Fred and Everdena Hippen; his sister, JoAnn Hippen; and his beloved Uncle Fred and Aunt Anna Frerichs. He is survived by his wife, Mildred (Midge); daughter Bethany (Rick) Cross of Des Moines, Iowa and their children, Mason, Marshall and Myles; daughter Amy (Russell) Knowles of Sumner, Texas and their children, Amanda, Kristin, and Matthew; daughter Hilary (Nathan) Hippen-Leek of Urbandale, Iowa; brother Lyle (Sharon) Hippen of Buffalo Center; adored friend, Duane Boehm of Buffalo Center; and two great-grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.

Memorial donations may be made to the First Reformed Church, the United Hospital District Hospice in Blue Earth, Minnesota, or the nonprofit organization of your choice.


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