In loving memory of

Thomas J. Morris
June 3, 1952 - June 23, 2019

Thomas Joseph Morris, 67, passed away on June 23, 2019. He was a beloved father to two sons, Hon. Scott Thomas Morris and Grant Andrew Morris. He is further survived by daughter-in-law Amber D. Morris (nee Johnson and wife of Grant), granddaughter Emma, brothers Col. Wayne Morris (USMC-RET) and Timothy Morris, and was preceded in death by parents Frank Morris (nee DiMasi) and Beverly Morris (nee Greathouse).


Col Wayne V. Morris USMC (Ret) wrote on Jan 25, 2020:

"It has taken me some time to post this tribute. While I didn't find out about Tom's most untimely passing until well-after the fact, I was and am very saddened. We were not close over the years, at least not with regard to physical locations. My Marine Corps career kept me apart from Family for more than 34 years. We did see each other over the years, albeit seldomly, but each and every time was special. In our early years, however, Tom, Tim and I were very close. We had wonderful times together as youngsters. We got into Dutch quite often, and in the midst of it all was TOM!!! So many good times. Ever his own person, more than a little head strong, but wanting the best for those around him. He loved his "boys" and was always very proud of them. He is missed by many. RIP Tommy! And that's an Order From Big Bro! ;o)"

Scott Morris wrote on Sep 23, 2019:

"To Uncle Tim, Your message is truly incredible on so many levels. We'll start with how you failed to contact my father, my brother, or me when Grandpa died in September 2001, and I only found out indirectly in March 2002, even though Grandpa had my contact information readily available in his address book and had communicated with me in the months prior to his passing. Next, as for my father's passing, I did everything I could to notify BOTH of you promptly. There was no contact information in Dad's possession for either of you, and he informed me that the two of you had not spoken in many years, and he had communicated with Uncle Wayne a couple of times over the past decade. After an exhaustive search, I was able to find a Facebook page for Uncle Wayne, although it was a business-type page and he did not respond when I attempted to message him there. I was able to find no other co tact information for either of you. Lastly, he died on June 23, not June 3 which was his birthday. Thank you for the well-wishes to my brother and me, if only an after-thought. Your long-lost nephew, Scott"

Timothy Morris wrote on Sep 19, 2019:

"This post is from older brother Tim in Las Vegas. My older brother Wayne called me tonight ( Sept. 19th ) to inform me of Tommy's passing back on June 3rd.!! Wish some one had contacted us then. I know we didn't stay in touch much due to some family disagreements, but my brother Wayne and I would have liked to have been informed of his death. Tommy was a head strong business minded person and for that I praise him. My thoughts and prayers go out to Scott and Grant. Rest in peace little brother. Tim & Noriko Morris "

Shashvat Prakash wrote on Jun 27, 2019:

"Mr. Morris was a role model. He was my friend's father who not only chaperoned and carpooled, but also entertained, encouraged, and mentored us. I remember how he talked about his own childhood. I remember playing guitar with him. He made me feel part of the family. He was a great man and I will miss him."

Grant Morris wrote on Jun 26, 2019:

"Dad, Thank you for the wonderful childhood memories! From being my baseball coach all those years, to teaching me martial arts in the basement while adding a few stories along with the demonstrations (that may have been a bit exaggerated). I can still sometimes hear you playing the same cords over and over again on your electric guitar down in the basement, as I went to bed, it was like a sound machine for me at a young age. I won?t forget all the wonderful family trips to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Hawaii etc... along with the family road trips that never seemed to go according to the mapped plan! Thanks for telling me and my friends once here in Florida to ?push up our sleeves so you look like island guys?, and always walking into your favorite restaurants like you were The Godfather, and all should take notice. You were an amazing father to me, and I know what you demonstrated over the years has helped me be the very best dad to Emma. May you finally be at peace. Love from all of us! Grant, Amber and Emma? "

Jason wrote on Jun 26, 2019:

"I am so sorry for your lost. Prayers"

Scott Morris wrote on Jun 26, 2019:

"Dad, I will miss you more than words can explain. Thank you for being a wonderful father to your two sons, who loved you dearly and in whom you always expressed so much pride and joy. You are forever in my heart. Love always, Scott."

Kay wrote on Jun 26, 2019:

"Our deepest condolences to the Morris family and friends our thoughts are with you all at this very difficult time from Kay Waites and staff at Sound Choice Cremation & Burials."