In loving memory of

July 17, 2019

In March or 2005we welcomed a little ball of black fur whom we named Rags. He became our third Yorkshire Terrier. We previously had
acquired Diego in October of 1991 and then three months later Semper Fidelis. Diego passed away in Jan 2005 after being diagnosed with
kidney disease and Semper passed away three months later.

Rags provided us with lots of happy moments and was a constant companion for Lyn while I worked. Rags loved to go to our friends cabin
and shed his harness to run freely. He also loved boat rides. When our neighbor MaryAnn came for a visit Rags would jump up on the sofa
by MaryAnn and roll over for a tummy rub and a foot and toe massage.

In February of 2016 we moved into a senior community where Lyn was placed into Hospice care and she passed away on February 13, 2107.
For the next two plus years Rags continued to provide me with love and companionship. Unfortunately he spent days alone while I
continued to work. In June 2018 he was diagnosed with heart disease and cataracts in both eyes, resulting later with total blindness in the
right eye. In June 2019 when his heart disease worsened I knew I needed to consider putting him down. July 17th is when I said good bye
to my little buddy. You have left a big hole in my heart. I know you have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and are in heaven. Know that when I pass away your ashes will be placed with mine; just as Diego's and Semper's have been placed with Lyn.


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