In loving memory of

Dharma Justice Munoz
December 16, 1991 - August 10, 2019

Dharma Justice Munoz, 27, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, August 10, 2019.

Dharma was born on December 16, 1991, in New York City. He was a gentle loving soul and a beautiful person. Dharma graduated from Germantown High School - Class of 2010.

Dharma leaves behind his treasured daughter, Chloe Grace Munoz, his mother, Indigo Dawn Munoz, his father, Julio Quinones and his stepfather, Terry Munoz-Weaver. He is survived and dearly missed by his sister Taina and his three brothers - Devin, Shane and Iren, and by his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and his niece, Ariana. His brothers by marriage, Terry, Tyler and Teddy Weaver; his "chosen" brothers, Vernon and John Williams; and his God Mother Ann Weaver, as well as all his many friends, extended family and everyone who knew and loved him will also miss him very much.

His Grandfather and spiritual guide, Tisziji Munoz has blessed and guided his soul into the great gone beyond beyond. Hail the goer.

Entrusted to the care of Keyser Funeral & Cremation Service, 326 Albany Ave, Kingston, NY, where family and friends may visit on Thursday, August 15, from 5pm to 7pm. A service will take place following the visitation at 7:00 pm . To leave an expression of sympathy, please visit

***The family wants everyone to know that this is a celebration of Dharma's life and there is no need to wear black.***


Amor wrote on Aug 16, 2019:

"I'll never forget that smile or the way you made me laugh constantly. The kindness in your eyes, How smart and insightful you were. There are so many things i could say about you Dharma, so many memories i could share . In the short amount of time i have gotten to know you, i knew from the start you were an amazing person inside and out. You would help guide me when i was having hard times and you always made me feel better. Your at Peace now. Until we meet again "

Aurora wrote on Aug 14, 2019:

"Rest easy Dharma. Enjoyed having him as a student. Used to tell him that he looked like A-Rod. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. ~Ms. Lighthart "

Kiara Lunas wrote on Aug 14, 2019:

"Dear Dharma, You played a big part in my life.I will forever treasure all the moments of growing up with you,the secrets we would always share,the childish things we'd do.My summers were never boring because you were always there to fill the time with crazy adventures.Dharma, when we were together it was always the time of my life. I close my eyes and remenence when we were children.Do you remember when we went ice skating to central park and you found a red rose and gave it to Arelis your first crush lol oh what a gentleman you have always been since little!?.OMG I no you can't forget about the time I was 7 yrs old and you were only 6 yrs old and made it your mission to teach me how to count and every time I would get to the number twenty I would say twentyteen and oh how that will get you so mad lol.How about the time we got the chickenpox at the same time,ooh how itchy we were.I would scratch your back and you will scratch mine?My favorite memory of all was when we went to Sesame place and you aced the Pepsi and Coca-Cola tasting challenge. Wow how much fun we had.They were truly amazing memories. It feels like yesterday when I last saw you.When you came to visit me the last time.I remember we laughed the night away with your silliness.The next morning you were going back home.I told you that I would miss you so much and that I know it would be a while until I saw you again.Although as we grew into adults we didn't see each other often as we'd like,the love was always there.Looking back now,I wish I would have spent more time with you,shared more stories with you,and made more memories.My eyes filled up with tears as I heard the devastating news of your passing.I wish it wasn't real.My mom.. your Titi Julissa stood waiting for your visit with Khloe.It's so hard to say goodbye to you, you went away so suddenly.We did not get to say goodbye,but cousins can't be parted and the precious memories with you will never perish.It was to soon for you to go,you were so young,you had so much more to give,so full of life.I asked God why did you have to go?,but I guess I will never know.One thing I do know for sure is that 27 years ago on December 16 1991 an Angel was born by the name of Dharma Justice Munoz.God just lended us you for a brief time .God gifted your mother's womb with you and when you were born and as you grew up you just brought Joy to all of us.Dharma you were simply a gift from God in our lives.So we should all consider our selves blessed to have had your presence.I am going to miss your warm presence, Colgate smile?, and your gorgeous eyes.Now you free from all pain and sorrow.You are once again the free spirit that you have always been.Open your eyes Dharma and see the light at the end of that indigo flower garden the Lord is there, run through the garden of flowers with no worries or fear you are a son of light.I love you and will miss you always and forever.Thank you for being in my life and thank you for being my cousin.Goodbye Dharma ,Rest in heavenly peace. With love, Kiara"

cathy corpas wrote on Aug 13, 2019:

"Afterglow I'd like the memory of me to be a happy one. I'd like to leave an afterglow of smiles when life is done. I'd like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways, Of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days. I'd like the tears of those who grieve, to dry before the sun; Of happy memories that I leave when life is done. Helen Lowrie Marshall Our hearts go out to you. There are no words that can express the pain. Please know that we love you all and hope and pray that the good memories you have help ease and comfort you all. Rest in Peace Dharma. With Love, Cousin Cathy Corpas"

corie wrote on Aug 13, 2019:

"Rest in peace Dharma, I'm sending prayers and love to your spirit and to your loved ones. I pray the love they keep and the loving memories help to heal them during this difficult time. Indigo, my heart is with you. Love always Corie Corpas (your cousin)"