In loving memory of

Jack Bradley
September 24, 1964 - September 9, 2019


Lynda wrote on Oct 12, 2019:

"Here I am still, a month later, at a lose. Uncle Jack, is my favorite dude. I will miss our phone calls so much, it's been a few years since I've seen my uncle, but we talked a couple times a year on the phone, starting where we left off the last call. He had a big heart, a heart of gold. If my memory serves me, he took me to watch my first movie at a theater. One of our favorite movies was Drop Dead Fred. All the mistichif in that movie, he would try to talk me into doing at home. Mud pies on the kitchen table. Ha that one was a regular request. Spreading flour all through out the house. Lol. We would come up with some of the orneriest plans. None of which I followed through with, because I am a chicken, but that is a great memory. The fish face slap, I will never forget. Geez I could go on and on. I'm really gonna miss you big guy. Make sure you give Grandpa Bradley a wet willy from me, and Grandma Bradley a great big hug. Tell them I miss them so much. Until we meet again. I love you Uncle Jack. Your Niece Lynda Peterson"

Wensheng wrote on Oct 7, 2019:

"This is the gift I prepared for our 30 years anniversary, I never had a chance to send it out. Rest in peace and see you again ! "

Tom blue wrote on Oct 1, 2019:

"I will truly miss jack he was my best friend we grew up together I have many great memories of hunting and fishing trips we made together and several road trips and just hanging out together as a born again Christian as I know jack was we?ll see each other again my thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and daughters and family"

Michelle DWYER wrote on Sep 26, 2019:

"He was a very kind man who shared his love of the Everglades. He was generous to open his place for others to have a truly unique experience. "

Noelle Calakos wrote on Sep 25, 2019:

"Jack was truly a kind and caring person. Jack had a gentle soul full of love and understanding. He was a great man and good friend. I met Jack for the first time, camping on his property during the Everglades Seafood festival. It was my first time camping in the Everglades and ?hallelujah?, I was hooked on the Everglades ever since. I am forever thankful for him sharing his love of the outdoors over the years. I have so many fond memories of witnessing nature, enjoying good company and food together. Rest in peace my friend, love Noelle Calakos "

Tom Ritz wrote on Sep 24, 2019:

"Thanks for your help when i needed. It the most. Your friendship will always be remembered, rest in peace. Your friend. Tom Ritz."

Wensheng Li wrote on Sep 20, 2019:

"Wensheng Li, I got to know my husband Jack Bradley in 2001. After bejing friends for 5 years he came to Beijing to visit me for the first time in 2006 with his pilot friend Mike. The first impression I had about Jack was he was a real gentleman and kept every small words he said. After he back to States, we started to talk over the phone every day, there were so many things we could share and we laughed every day. In 2007, I married to this man God blessed me in my life. 2010 Feb, Jack accompanied me with my visa interview in Guangzhou China US Embassy and then we flew back together to Miami. 2010 Feb 4th, we got off the plane at night, took a shower in the house and then he drove me to the camp in Everglades! It was that time-2010 Everglades Seafood Festival. The next moring I woke up with jetleg and I saw my loved one lying next to me looking at me with a big smile! Our happy life started! It was Jack who taught me to experience and enjoy life, because of him first time in my life I toughed a gun and shot, firt time caught a fish in pond, firt time had my pet dog "princess" and my own garden. On him, I saw a giant man with a soft heart, he took neighbour old lady to doctor visit, to have a nice meal or took neighbour kids to movies. On him, I saw real friendship, he cared about friends, would go extra miles to help a friend while the same time be honest with what's wrong with you. He is a real man, a great husband, a loving father and grandfather. In the past 10 years, we had challenges, ups and downs in our daily life, his unique sense of humor saved us from those touch times.. Unlike a fairy story has a happy ending, our life fell into pieces when he was unexpected diagnoised with cancer in Feb 2018. From July 10th-Sept 9th, the last 2 months in his life in hospital, he showed us the unbelievable fantastic attitude towards the illness. He broke the hospital records with over 100 visitors, he was surrounded by love from friends and family- Love lifed him up and he tried all this strengh to be with us until the last breath. He finished his fight on Sept. 9th 2019. .His brave encouraged doctors, nurses and myself. I am very grateful that God blessed me with Jack in this life and only wish God would bless me with him much longer. I think life can be unfair sometimes with no explanation, the only good thing I know is Jack is now with Lord and has no pain anymore . I appreciate Jack loved me, laughed with me, protected me and showed me to be a better human being, and I know one day we will see each other again in heaven and on that day I will run to him, hug hime and kiss him! Jack, I miss you so so much, I am looking forward to that day I see you again, love you Wo Ai Ni!"

James “Jumper” Jay wrote on Sep 17, 2019:

"Jack was a large man with an even bigger heart, his sense of humor was legendary and very to the point. I had the honor of knowing him and am better for it. He always said it like it was and was not ?politically correct ?. He was a man of strong conviction and emotion. He took me on my first hunting trip when I was 15, and introduced me to a love of the Everglades. He taught me more about being a man than my own father. I will always be thankful for knowing him. I remember working with him on a job on day and he asked he to hold a chisel while he hit it with a sledge hammer. I was scared and he said to trust him and keep repeating ?I love my fingers? while he was hitting it. He never missed the chisel, and I kept my fingers. Once I was out of a job and had a family to feed, he got me a job. Upon learning of Jacks illnesses I called him at the hospital and started to ask him if he was saved and a Christian, he said he accepted Jesus as his savior and was a Christian. We don?t know why God chose to take Jack home but I do know he is not in pain anymore and is happier than he has ever been. I know I will see my friend again in heaven when the Lord calls me home. Enjoy Heaven, peace, and happiness my friend. James ?Jumper? Jay"