In loving memory of




Our beloved Vader aka Bubba passed away unexpectedly on December 19,


At the tender age of 6 weeks, Vader become apart of our human family of 3. From the start, he was a big ball of fire - chewed up 13 pairs of mom's shoes, dad's boots, and his brother's stuffed animals. Although his ferocious bark and ginormous teeth often scared people away, he was the most sweetest gentle giant. His tender heart was filled with so much unconditional love that it ultimately took his life.

Vader loved playing with his ball, going to the park, chewing on his bones, snuggling under the covers, and following mom around the kitchen, but what he loved even more was spending time with dad! He was the most happiest when he was outdoors running around free and being a rugrat with dad.

Our sweet Vader, since you've been gone the tears have not stopped flowing and the life we once knew is not and will never be the same without you! You brought us so much joy and your absence left a void that can never be filled. You took a big part of our hearts with when you left. What did we ever do to have been so incredibly blessed with 7 wonderful years with you?!

Thank you for all the wonderful memories, the unconditional love, but more importantly for the life lessons you taught us! We love you so much, Bubba! When the day comes, we know you'll be awaiting us at the gates of heaven as you always did when you were here on earth. Until then.....

Loving you always,

Your Furever Family