In loving memory of

Elbridge Omar Hurlbut
March 20, 1927 - December 23, 2019

Elbridge Omar Hurlbut (Bert) passed away to join his beloved wife Gabriella again on December 23rd, 2019.
Bert is preceded in death by his sisters Ruth, Evelyn, Adelaide, and Marion and brother Worth. He is survived by 2 sons, Elbridge Jr. and Roy, 2 grandsons Colin and David, and a host of nieces and nephews. Bert was born in DeKalb Junction NY helping his parents maintain a dairy farm. He was a member of the US forces liberating Trieste, Italy when he met Gabriella in 1946. They married in 1948 and returned to the US.
Bert received an MBA from the U of Maryland graduating number 1 in his class. He went on to teach Accounting at the university as well as becoming the Head of Contracts Administration at the Smithsonian Institution.
It was said that Bert didn't have an ungraceful bone in his body, Bert had rhythm! His passion for dancing was practiced long after his retirement well into his glory days in Florida.
Bert enjoyed the sport of judo and was awarded the expert rank of Black Belt. He frequently worked out with both his sons.
Bert's soul will rejoin Gabriella in the Yosemite Valley where she awaits him.


Rebecca Bricker wrote on Apr 8, 2020:

"Bert was a wonderful father-in-law. He was kind and generous and had a great sense of humor. He could tell a good story and was always in fine form on the dance floor. It's comforting to think of him with Lily again. I was very fortunate to have had them both in my life and will always cherish the many happy memories I have of the times we spent together as a family."

Sam Steele wrote on Feb 13, 2020:

"Sorry to hear about Uncle Elbridge. It was always great to talk with him about life and his experiences. Hope you both are doing well. Sam and Jeanette Steele. "

Marianne Richardson Savino wrote on Feb 13, 2020:

"Roy and Bertie, we are here for you if you want to get in touch. Your dad was a hero to us cousins, a source of comfort when we lost our parents. We will always treasure him. I live in Federal Way, not far from Sam and Jeanette."