In loving memory of

Renato R. Adunga
August 15, 2013

Renato Ribay Adunga was born in Mandaluyong Metro Manila, Philippines, second of five siblings, Roberto Adunga, and Constancia Ribay Adunga. Renato Graduated from FEU (Far Eastern University) achieving a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Management. Renato started working at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Makati, Philippines for 23 years. During those 23 years Renato married Lilibeth Occo, and had their first born John Stephen. On November 28, 1992 Renato and his family moved toSan Pedro Laguna, Philippines, where they had their own house. As time went by, the family started a different type of walk of life, the walk of Faith, where they met new friends and found better faith In God. In October of 1998 he had his second born, a beautiful baby girl which unfortunately due to congenital problems didn't live her life very long and only lived for three days. In the May of 2005 Renato continued his journey and left his home country with his family and made their way to The United States. Starting a new journey, Renato and his family didn't know what lied ahead, but with continued faith in God they didn't lose hope or showed weakness. After touching down to United States and not having any idea of how or what was going to happen to him and his family they continued their journey to Fresno, California where they started to slowly learn more about the American flow of life. Not having a lot in their pockets, they made a big step by moving to Las Vegas, Nevada. God had a different plan for his family and pointed them in a different direction. With faith, Renato and his family moved to Houston, Texas where they met great people, enjoyed life, and began to slowly settle down. In Houston, Renato found peace and also gave them a chance to reflect on our heavenly Father. Renato and his wife found a job in the same hotel, but in different positions, while his son continued going through school. This good man ended this life with the love and care of his wife and son and in fellowship of the word of GOD with his brothers and sister in Christ.


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