In loving memory of

Kiernan Gaynor
March 17, 2020

Kiernan, my Buggaboo... I don't even know where to start. What a wonderful disaster you were, from the chaotic beginning to the painfully abrupt end. You were our naughtiest kid, by far, but that certainly didn't make us love you any less, because you were the baby too. The so-called rescue group I got you from gave you to me starved and distraught. It took so long to get you a normal baseline, to a point where you stopped eating the floors, the walls, cabinets, the remotes, glasses, books.. and to where you would listen, if only a bit... but I'm glad we took that journey with you because there were so many good years with your brothers that followed.

I never really knew what to say to the people who didn't know you, and would remark how you looked so intimidating.. because I couldn't see it. You were my Bug... my gangly little puppy with too big ears and paws you'd trip over. I wish everyone had the chance to see the big baby you were.. that scary black dog who needs his magic blankey to hide from the thunderbooms, and how much you loved your hoard of stuffed animals, and your kitty, Beans. She left you a sparkle ball toy where your bed was. We put it in your urn. I think she wanted to make sure you had one with you, since she would always gather them up and leave them on your bed.

It's a struggle to get past the morning we all woke up and you didn't. Two years to the day your brother Aidan left us... I would like to think we are lucky that you had a hopefully quiet and peaceful passing. I would like to think that there is something poetic about the date. But those things are hard to see right now, because I wasn't done having you here with us yet. I keep expecting to hear your nails across the floor as you're coming into the room to see what you're missing.. Goodbye Buggaboo. Be a good boy.