In loving memory of

Zoe Proepper
April 13, 2020

In August of 2018 I saw a Facebook post from Senior Weimraner Moments, a weimaraner rescue, looking for a foster for 2 - 13 year old weimaraner's, Zoe and Shiloh, that had been left at a shelter in New Orleans.

Zoe was found to be in kidney failure and had inoperable tumors and needed a soft place to spend whatever time she had left.

After looking at these sweet girls faces, I couldn't not help and subsequently picked these girls up in Memphis over Labor Day weekend.

Zoe and her sister Shiloh met their two new Weimaraner roomates, Maria and Kera and their two new cat roomates, Bob and Daisy and quickly adjusted to their new lives. Happily, everyone got along well and life with 4 weimaraners and 2 cats became the new normal.

Zoe was a truly amazing dog. Considering how sick she was, she was a fun, playful and loving dog. She wanted nothing more then to be with her new family. She was a true velcro Weim and didn't like to let me out of her sight.

While we were only able to spend 7 months with her, she enriched our lives everyday with her soulful eyes and big floppy feet. We could always hear her coming by the loud stomping steps! She has left a hole in our hearts and in our lives and is greatly missed.

We miss you Zoe but are happy to think of you running and playing freely!


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