In loving memory of

Stitch Stanley
April 5, 2007 - May 1, 2020

Stitch (Stitchie) was and always will
be my baby. He was always attracting people's attention with his infamous tongue. I still remember the day we went to go and get him. He was the last pug the owners had. They were unable to keep the dogs they had due to an injury and had even sold the parents
before him. The runt of his liter and tongue so long that he dragged it behind him. Originally named "Jake" we got him into the car and decided the name just did not fit him. Thinking of a new one we looked at our dog Ledo. "Why not name him Stitch so we can
call them 'Ledo and Stitch'" it was perfect because he looked like an alien. Later on I added his middle name Stanley to honor my grandfather.

My most baffling memory of Stitch is
one winter night he had disappeared from our backyard. My mom and aunt went out searching for him that cold night as I worked. In the morning following his disappearance he reappeared at our back door all warm and looked to have been well taken care of. I
now tell people he was abducted by aliens.

Stitches favorite place on earth was
either with me in bed, my lap or in my car. When he tried to escape, all I had to do was open my car door and yell for him to go for a ride and he'd come running. I will miss his warm cuddles the most as he was the best at that.

Stitchie thank you for all the years
and love you gave me. I will alway love you and refer to you as my baby boy.

Love you always,