In loving memory of

Gracie Clancy
October 12, 2008 - April 23, 2020

In Honor of Gracie Clancy

Our beloved Gracie, 11 1/2 years old, went to heaven on April 23, 2020. Our hearts ache with pain because we miss her so much.

Gracie was born in Sioux City, Iowa on October 12, 2008. That year, she was adopted by Mark, Jeannine and Shannon over Thanksgiving weekend and moved to her new home in Minnesota.

Gracie loved her life with her family and her new home. When she got old enough, she chased squirrels, moles, bunnies, turkeys and deer out of her yard. Gracie loved to go for walks with her family, she loved to swim, and she loved to cuddle at the end of a long day. She was an avid fan of Shannon's soccer team and their games, occasionally considering a run for the ball but always knowing better than to interfere with the game.

Gracie got to travel a bit with her family. She went to the family cabin at Leach Lake and to Minnesota's North Shore, visited her family in Kansas City, enjoyed the Black Hills of South Dakota and made a road trip to Colorado. She also got to go back to Iowa on a few occasions. Gracie was a good traveler, patient in the car and thought it was great when she was given a hamburger to tide her over during the trip.

When Mark worked at home, Gracie stayed close by him either sitting in his office or on nice days, just outside of his office window where she could enjoy the fresh air but still stay close to her favorite guy. When Mark had business trips, Gracie looked forward to staying at Aunt Mary's house and often would chase Callie the cat off the bed. When Shannon visited from college, Gracie loved to sit close to Shannon and always placed her paw on Shannon's leg. Gracie loved her dear Shannon in a very special way. And after dinner, Gracie often sought out Jeannine to sit with - either on Jeannine's lap or on the couch. Gracie made her family feel incredibly loved. We will never forget how good it felt to spend time with Gracie and how she showed us that she appreciated her family.


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