In loving memory of

Benjamin Withers
November 28, 1957 - May 9, 2020

Benjamin Henry Withers of Colfax, Iowa passed away on Saturday May 9, 2020. Ben was born to Patricia and Henry Withers. He was the eldest child, and only brother to his sisters Marvlyn, Michelle and Merilee. Ben took his role as oldest seriously, he protected his sisters and would help them if they called day or night. He had a natural talent for getting on your nerves, then have you laughing shortly after.

Anyone who knew Ben, knew of his sometimes-inappropriate sense of humor, his captivating storytelling, and his big heart. Ben would be the first to help-out a friend in need. Most often, Ben could be found strumming his guitar - sometimes following the sheet music, but more often playing how he thought the song should go, listening to live music or working on his beloved '57 Chevy.
Ben is proceeded in death by his parents, Pat and Henry Withers, and is survived by his sisters, and his three children: Michelle (Brad Parsons), Jake Withers, Andrea (Cole Horsman) and their close friend Charles.


Pat Pierce wrote on May 27, 2020:

"Benjamin Tobias Ryan Withers we called him for fun ,just like the dog,he was many things ,always fun.Thanksgivings with all that hunted meat ,never a store bought Turkey. Mississippi River Jams were a tradition, good friends ,good music ,good times .Then we all started our families and if we could get our kids to be brave enough to trick or treat at Ben's house ,what a treat ,I never knew who enjoyed it the most me the kids or Ben ! He loved Halloween ! We go back alot of years .Artimus tobias ryan withers was the coolest dog ever ,and he was so loved ,by Ben ,I ve wanted a boxer my whole life because of the relationship they had . And the Cuda ,we gave him shit all the time about his mopar . To his family may you know our hearts are heavy ,he loved you all . He will be remembered forever ,prayers and peace to you all"

Merilee Withers wrote on May 21, 2020:

"Brother you taught me many things, stepped up when we lost Dad, made so many great memories. A few: Always an album playing at the house on Oak Park, you always had good friends around you, playing Wahoo, frisbee in the street out front of your house, Halloween parties that never disappointed, and Michelle Lee's brother Artimus. Your willingness to help out a friend no matter what the job was. And they in turn for you. Your infectious great grin. No matter how mad you could make me you could always smooth things over with that great big grin. Sharing your wonderful wide variety of some of the best music I ever listened to and still do. The way the hairs on your arms and back of your neck would stand up while listening to a favorite song. How you could feel the music. Our many road trips Rides in the '57 Too many memories to mention. And for all those I thank you my brother. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I cherish this forever. And I leave you with this brother. When Ben had to bury his family's favorite dog. He told me it was raining hard that day and it felt so right to be raining because God made it rain so no one could see the tears he was crying uncontrollably down his face or the ones inside his heart. It has rained every day, in my life, since you've been gone. Goodbye My Brother"

Schell Withers Masengill wrote on May 20, 2020:

"I still can?t believe you are gone Ben. I will miss you for the rest of my life. I have so many memories growing up. We used to have to mow Nanny?s yard for maybe $3.00 or if Grankie could convince us we would go to Taylor?s with him. And then some of memories would be Charles in the basement or you crawling from your room into us girls bedroom and grab one of our arms or feet. I still don?t hang my arms or legs off my bed!! You were the best big brother a girl could ever have. I don?t know a time if anyone asked for your help that you didn?t stop doing what you were doing and go help. I will miss your sense of humor, story telling and at the last part of your life talking to me and you putting the phone down and strumming one of your guitars!!! I will love and miss you so very very much!! Say hi to Mom and Dad and give them hugs and a kiss from me. See you when I get there. Your loving sister Schell"

Mike Pierce wrote on May 19, 2020:

"I was so shocked when heard of the loss of one of my closest friends. Ben and I learned a lot about life when we were first married. He and Nancy took me and Ami in when I had trouble. I also tried to help them when they had trouble. My family and I spent many happy Hippie Thanksgivings at the Withers home. There were even a few times when we partied a little it?s hard to remember all the details sometimes But I know that he loved me and my family very much. As we grew older we did not hang out as much but we would start to miss each other and always touch base and spend some time together. Working on something or he would stop by for a visit. I was looking forward to being retired with him in my life always. I miss him so much I still don?t understand why he is not here with us any more. My heart is broken I know that you girls miss him more than I could understand. His children will remember that he loved them. I will miss him for the rest of my life. I loved him always good or bad. And I know that he is in heaven and I look forward to seeing him again. I will always remember him saying pack one up this one is for you my dear friend. I loved you like a brother and you will always be in my heart. Rest now my friend I will see you again. Mike Pierce"

Rick Shaffer wrote on May 19, 2020:

"One of the best co-workers i had ever worked with! I will always Ben and his sense of humor."