In loving memory of

Judith Solomon Brody
May 8, 1938 - May 21, 2020

Judith S. Brody, age 82, passed away May 21st, 2020. Beloved wife of the late Alan J. Brody, loving mother of Beth Anne Smith (Steve), Scott D Brody, Leslie H Brody (Patti) and David Eric Brody, dear grandmother of Devynne, Katrina and Alexander Jason, Private services were held. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions to the dog rescue of your choice. Judy loved her dogs, especially Libra, Twiggy, Tootsie, Lucky, Sadie, Sammie, and Pixar. She was also close with her grand dogs Gracie, Angel, Stormy and Maxx. She also enjoyed her grand horse Peanut. She was less fond of her grand cats due to an unfortunate biting incident.


David Brody wrote on May 22, 2020:

"My mother has passed away and I want to let the world know that Judy Brody was an amazing person. In order to demonstrate this, I need to start off with a negative story. The day after my 19th birthday I came downstair and was leaving to move in with my father who was in Cincinnati, Ohio majoring in political science. Mom and I were constantly arguing and not getting along. I said some terrible things to her leading up to me leaving. She was against my decision, but was sitting at the table with 20 dollars in front of her. Sadly, she gave me the money for gas along with encouraging words. She then found herself living in that big house on Scottsdale all alone. Mom had her way of doing things and always wanted what?s best for the family. She encouraged us to do well in school. One time in third grade I threw my homework in a ditch. She made me walk all the way back to school to try to find it. Unfortunately, I didn?t. Sorry Mom. I remember going through a real hard time in my early 30?s and mom took me back in and really helped me learn what it means to be professional in business and with others. Mom also encouraged us to go to synagogue and practice the Jewish faith. Our family, Jewish faith, school and work life were very important to Judy. Speaking of family being important to mom. When my father died it was like she rose up from the hysteria, somehow got a ride, went over 30 miles to the hospital and slept there to be with dad. I didn?t think she would have been able to do it especially being 80 and in her health condition. She treated it like it was nothing. Mom, it wasn?t nothing. You were amazing! I told you later that I considered you a ?bad ass? for pulling that off. Mom, you loved and took care of your family. You are a ?bad ass.? I?m so proud of you! So why did I start this memory off with a negative story of me leaving mom? It is easy to support someone when they do things you agree, but it is entirely different when you don?t. Mom gave me the 20 dollars for gas and continued to help take care of my needs. That is one of Judy?s many wonderful qualities, she always supported my decisions even when she didn?t agree. And yes, there were many of them. Thank you Mom! Many times families and relationships are destroyed over agreement. Not Judy Brody, she supported us anyway even when the disagreements were intense. Mom, you and I were often very different people, thank you for accepting me anyway. I know you complained at times and that is okay, you accepted me. We are all human so it?s cool. You worked hard for your family and set many wonderful examples. Thank you for showing us hard work, nice things, and the value of family and loyalty. Thank you Judy Solomon Brody. You are an amazing mother. God speed, say ?hi? to dad, and mazel tov. Your Loving Son, David E. Brody "

Lydia wrote on May 22, 2020:

"May her memory always be for a blessing."