In loving memory of

Bosco Ekman

Bosco, the ridiculous one. It's hard to see you go after everything you've fought through!

Cancer, (involving multiple emergency surgeries to remove your spleen and lobes of your liver, 2 different rounds of chemotherapy, endless CT scans, MRIs, and every other diagnostic test there is) kidney disease, pancreatitis, losing your hearing... And in the end, your mobility.

We would've carried you outside, and made your special kidney diet ( Rotisserie chicken, crumpets and sweet potato, rice, cauliflower glop) forever. We're sullenly eating your leftovers.

It doesn't seem so long ago you were running down a path at full speed, so fast we needed a bike or rollerblades to keep up with you. (Especially if you had happened to make an escape attempt.)

We had so many good years with you and your brothers. We bought this house for you guys! Fenced in yard with a dog door and dog beds in almost every room! One of our best memories is waking up and seeing you guys laying on the lounge chairs around the pool soaking in the morning sun.

We miss you howling with the sirens, trotting outside through the dog door with your nose up to see what you were missing, and demanding pets by forcing your head under anyone's hand. You were smart, clever, stubborn, and mischievous. One of a kind!

Your last hours were very peaceful laying in the grass with us. We will always miss you. Go find your brothers, they've been waiting for you.