In loving memory of

Byron Jay Buss
September 30, 1950 - June 21, 2020

Byron Jay Buss, 69, of Hampton, passed away Sunday, June 21, 2020, at Franklin General Hospital in Hampton.

He was born September 30, 1950, in Hampton, to Gerald and Vivian (Coyle) Buss. Byron graduated from Hampton High School. He did carpentry and auto body work and had a great love for hot rod cars.

Byron is survived by his brother Daryl (Sue) Buss of Iowa City; aunt Doris Jeffrey or Rockford; aunt Mary Coyle of Clear Lake; along with many numerous cousins and friends. He was preceded in death by his parents and brother Gary L. Buss.

No services will be held.


Leslie Kelley wrote on Jun 25, 2020:

"Byron Buss. An outstanding human being. Always smiling. Many good memories made with you. From your carefully directed (towards me) fireworks , to my lesson about not to pull the beard, from falling trees at Eric's (the wrong way) to telling the PD inquiring at the front church doors, ( in a Priests robe on Halloween) that "This is the f***ing Catholic Church", and that NO! THEY MAY NOT COME IN!" This was Byron. Said what he meant, meant what he said. Heart of Gold. An angel on Earth. And lived life his way. I like the account from a few years ago when Byron woke up in Hospice in Mason City. Upon asking the nurse where he was, Byron got out of bed, dressed and responded " The F**k I am!!" and was out of there and back to Hampton! Your spirit is a free one and now you are free! Love you my good good friend. The 4th is coming up soon, if I get hit by a wayward firework, I'll know where it came from. (but please dont,..that really hurts!)."

CHAD VAN DYKE wrote on Jun 24, 2020:


Roger Lasley wrote on Jun 23, 2020:

"Who else could have built a roadhouse bar almost entirely out of Winnebago parts? Very handy with cars. Had an impish grin and always made time for conversation whenever we met. Thanks for the fresh eggs when I needed them back in the days, Byron, and all the stories that I listened to with dropped jaw, thankful I hadn?t been there when they happened. "

Dan Anderson wrote on Jun 23, 2020:

"Byron was a hell-raising friend of mine! We worked together at Birdsell's Super Value during our high school years. Byron was full! As mentioned elsewhere, his parents were wonderful to be around. Rest in peace my friend!"

Thurston Lamberson wrote on Jun 23, 2020:

"He was a good friend during the years our paths crossed. Fare well, Buddy."

Bill Erickson wrote on Jun 22, 2020:

"What can I say, larger than life. Always called me Willie and had stories that left me scratching my head. Lots of funny memories. "

Terry Fielding wrote on Jun 22, 2020:

"Where do I start? Driving the loop on a Friday night in reverse. Driving up the library steps in his convertible. Painting the police car and stealing a cop uniform from the cop car. Good times. Wonderful parents."

Peter Vidal wrote on Jun 22, 2020:

"Byron and I grew up 3 blocks from each other, and had many fun times through the years. I will also always remember how wonderfully both his mother and father treated all of us while growing up, such nice people!! Sad to hear!!"