In loving memory of

Maury Corb
November 22, 1951 - June 20, 2020

Maury Corb, 68, passed away on Saturday, June 20, 2020. He was born the eldest son to the late Alvin and Bailey Corb on November 22, 1951 in Houston, TX.

Maury was fascinated with surfing and playing the drums during his teenage years. He honed in on those skills throughout his life which kept him very active. He had a deep connection with people that shared the same music and surfing interests, with some dating back to his Westbury High School years.

Maury was considered the "cool" uncle as he lived single and living the life of travel and leisure. Due to work and mostly pleasure Maury traveled far and wide. He often surfed at some of the world's most famous beaches, such as his favorite, Hawaii. Other times he would drive across the country collecting vintage audio equipment. Maury was considered and recognized internationally as an expert on audio equipment. He had a passion in which he developed in his younger years while working at an audio store.

Maury will be missed by many people in the audio industry that would often call on him for his advice. He will definitely be missed by his loving family and numerous friends. He survived by his brother, Ronnie Corb; nephew, Jonathan Corb and niece, Mysha Baldwin.


kris altis wrote on Jun 29, 2020:

"Thank all of you for the pics-pray, many more are posted---- Lord, we miss Him"

kris altis wrote on Jun 28, 2020:

"We have known Maury since 1982--- he was on of my closest friends -(only have 3)--- spoke to him 3 weeks ago to the day. we know many of his Texas friends. We are beyond stunned, beyond----- we would talk on the phone-- 1-3 hours each time ( and Maury hated the phone-lol)--- we could write 1000 pages about this " coolest guy in Houston"-- we may write a book about him and his life--- what a Cool Cat!!- if you knew Maury for a few months or longer, you could see what an exemplmary individual he was-- we too stunned and wiped out over this horrific news-- Maury loved all of his friends, and we loved him--- we will never see another surf rat like him-- cannot wait to hook up in Heaven with him for eternity----- Maury we love you forever-forever---- dam it--- why"

Leticia Stephenson wrote on Jun 27, 2020:

"Maury was my husband?s best life-long friend. My husband passed away on July 29, 2019. Maury was with us when we scattered Jock?s ashes at South Padre Island, one of their favorite surfing spots when they were younger. Maury was full of life, joy, and compassion. They are both missed very much. Our deepest condolences to Maury?s family and his friends. In our prayers, Leti Stephenson (Jock?s wife) 1706 Elmwood Dr Harlingen, TX 78550"