In loving memory of

Heather Lee Frase
May 31, 1969 - July 31, 2020

With deepest sorrow we announce the death of Heather Lee Frase who passed on July 31, 2020 at 12:15 AM. Heather was born in Houston, TX on May 31, 1969. She is survived by her mother, Karen Knight, her brother, Jens Frase - Denver, CO; her aunts Gail Barry - Port Orchard, WA; Jackie Barry - Houston, TX; Julie Kennedy - Dutch Flat, CA; Vonna Van Parys - MN; her uncles Gary Frase - Colorado Springs, CO; Steve Frase - Palm Springs, FL; Vince Van Parys - Port Orchard, WA; and Cliff Gibeaux - Port Orchard, WA. Heather fought and lost a two-month-long courageous but painful battle with cancer. She was a unique individual with a magnificent smile, loving heart, and an abundance of good humor. She will be sorely missed by her family, friends, co-workers and those who were fortunate enough to know and appreciate her many talents and amazing perspectives. She was a true child of the universe and while we are experiencing a stifling loss, we will never forget her extraordinary impact on our lives - and know that the universe has received and welcomed her with love and open arms.
A celebration of Heather's life is in planning stages at this writing.


Gail Barry wrote on Aug 6, 2020:

"Heather Lee...your life was nothing less than remarkable in that you were so loved and adored by so so many people. I am learning new things about you on a daily basis as the heartfelt remembrances come pouring in from co-workers, friends and relatives. Her smile and laughter was contagious and in nearly every picture of her, there's that beaming face, radiating her love and joy. Heather had many talents besides endearing herself to all that met her. She was a great cook and loved to bake. Our family would benefit from her delicious meals on every holiday celebration held at her and her mom's house. She had a very creative side and loved to build extremely complex legos (Starwar's spacecraft, planes, etc) and paint beautiful floral watercolors. Heather was also so very intelligent; she was a child of the 70s-80s and effortlessly taught herself all things technological. She was our "go-to" person for all things technical. Our little Peter Pan girl was enamored with whimsy. She loved and collected many (a lot!) Disney characters that would come in a near daily procession in the form of legos, plates, cups, kitchen wares and miniature collectables. Her innocence combined with intelligence produced a very unique and lovable individual. To say she was one of a kind would be a understatement. There is a hole in our hearts and she will be missed so very much. Auntie Gail "