In loving memory of

Loki Munson

Although we only had Loki in our lives for a short time, the impact he has made on us will last a life time. A year ago we took him in after he had spent 4 years in shelters. We immediately fell in love with his silly personality and adored how much he liked to talk to us.

We have a coonhound named Betsy who adored Loki. I have never seen her love another animal so much. Betsy was anxious and depressed after our move to a new home and after adopting Loki she was given so much comfort from this little cat. Every day since he's been gone she still looks for him around the house. They really were the best of friends.

I'll never forget how fast he would come running when you opened a can of wet food or how loud he would meow at you until you broke down and gave him some. I'll never forget how he would kneed at your stomach until you gave him attention. This could even go on for hours considering it usually was when we were asleep and he really wanted us to wake up to give him love.

All I can do now is hope that Loki felt the same love we did during our time together. I hope one day we will meet again in another life or maybe his spirit will bring another the same happiness he brought us.

We will love you forever Mr. Loki.
Mom, Dad, and Betsy


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