In loving memory of

Abigail Marie Witzany

Abigail was my snuggle bug. I could always count on her for hugs and kisses. She loved toys. Her special toy was a latex pig named pigger. She loved that toy. She always was burying him under something, behind something, in something. I would say "where's pigger"? Off she would go to find him. She went thru many of them in her 13 ½ years. I always had a ready supply when she needed a new one. She loved her Momma most of all. Our bond will never be broken. Oh how I love that lil girl of mine and like I promised her, I will love and miss her every day for the rest of my life. I lost my Mom (her grandma) Jan 13th, 2020 and I get a little bit of comfort knowing that Ab's Grandma will watch over her till I get up there. Ab's little sis Lily misses her so much also. Run free dear Abigail. I love you so much and always will <3 Mom <3