In loving memory of

Sampson Ziccarelli

Sampson-Sam-Sammy-Sambone....the sweetest of the sweet boys and as we always said, The best of the best!
Our hearts are broken and we miss you every minute of the day but we are grateful for EVERY moment we spent with you for the 8 years we shared.
You came to live with us as a 10 month old pup just a few days after surgery. You rehabbed diligently and never looked back. Walks twice a day....we enjoyed the neighborhood and Phalen and Keller, Waupaca and all the friends we met along the way.
You loved your daily brown fleece blanket tug and a toss of and beat down of George....long belly rubs....quick back dances in the green grass...napping...treats...playing with your bff Buddy...and after a long day, siding it curled up with your people. You didn't like thunderstorms or fireworks so you found your safe spot in the basement family room with us by your side.
We feel fortunate that for the five weeks from your diagnosis to your passing, you were felt good and enjoyed the things we did everyday. You were Sam. And when we knew there wasn't anymore we could do to save you we let you go in peace.
We love you so, so much and wish you were with us still. Your gentle spirit will always be here and in our hearts and memories you will always be.
Aloha Sweet Sam,
❤️Paul and Kim❤️


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