In loving memory of

Mary Virginia Shelley
December 25, 1932 - September 4, 2020

Commonly known as Virginia ----

An AMAZINGLY AWESOME BEAUTIFUL Woman!! Mama was Always Praying and loved to Read her Bible and share the word with Anyone and especially her family. She was a very Strong Prayer Warrior. Beloved Mother of 10 children total with the spouses numbering 18 (Steve and Tina, Joann and Roger, Michael, Teresa and Jimmy, Joseph and Sue, Patricia and Steve, Timothy, Robert and Tamara, Mary and Eric, Helene and Jay) Grandmother of 37 and Great Grandmother of 41 , and Great- Great Grandmother of 3. She was so Proud of all of her family; she loved each one the same. What a legacy her and our father (Roy) left. Our Dad passed away 7/07/2007.
Mama was our Rock along with our spouses and most importantly Jesus!!!
Mom was given Eternal Life on September 4,2020. Born December 25,1932 in Roswell, South Dakota. She was from a family of 4 children she had 3 brothers ( Bill, Dick, Clem Dold). Mom was the oldest. She attended St. Joseph Presentation Academy in California 1st-12th Grade she graduated in 1951. She had 51 in her graduating class.
She taught Piano ; she was such a Beautiful Piano Player herself. She knew how to tickle those keys.
Mom met Dad while working at Sherman Williams Paint Factory in Emeryville California. She worked in the office and whenever she walked out into the warehouse dad would whistle at her. They dated from the end of 1953 till April 25th 1954 when they were married. Our dad had the same birthday as her dad 3/8.
Mom touched so many lives as does she continue to , a giver of herself. We all miss her smiling face and glittering eyes and her funny little facial expressions also her phone calls with her Beautiful voice that we long to hear again. But we will look heavenward to not only see, but to know that she is at Peace and still Smiling Free from Pain.
Mom lives on in each one of our hearts, and in all of those she touched.
She is Rejoicing!!!!! She Made it!!!!! She Fought the Fight, She finished the race and strongly kept the faith till the very end.
Rejoicing with her husband again, all her brothers, her sons- Steven, Michael and Timothy, Grandson Emmanuel, Her Mom and Dad, Most importantly Jesus whom she Loved so Much. One of Mom's Favorite says: GOD IS IN CHARGE!!!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!
WE LOVE YOU MAMA, MOM, MOMMY and we will all keep going your 7 children---Joann, Teresa, Joseph, Pattie, Robert, Mary and Helene and all our spouses and Grand Children and Great grandchildren and your 3 Great Great grandchildren. PRAISE GOD----- We Now have another Angel to watch over us. HUGS MAMA TILL WE MEET AGAIN XOXOXOXOXO


Patricia wrote on Sep 18, 2021:

"WOW - a year has passed since you?ve left this crazy world we live in. You are missed beyond measure! I love ?? you forever and ALWAYS Mom! I am who I am because you gave me life and raised me up to believe in myself and share myself and the love/gift of Jesus with others. Miss so much about you!!! I know you are here with me - little gestures, God inspired thoughts, memories. Afterall we share DNA ?I look up and smile. You installed a lot into your children and grandchildren for them to carry on your legacy!! ??????"

Helene Shelley wrote on Nov 9, 2020:

"Mommy this is so hard for me, my heart aches I miss you so so much!!! As I sit here writing this I'm wrapped up in a blanket!!! That says: inside this blanket there is a piece of my heart, to give you comfort and warmth while we are apart!!! It is full of love and best wishes and hugs!!! Never give up the beautiful dreams that you have!!! Believe in yourself as much as I believe in you!!! When you feel sad and lonely, wrap yourself in this blanket and it will be as if I was hugging you!!! Love, mom I wrap myself up in it daily, it brings me comfort!!! It's hard especially when I want to talk to you, I still do but.... it's not the same I don't hear your voice!!! I feel so empty, my heart is so broken!!! I know time will help!!! This is why its taken me so long to write this!!! Mommy you were an AMAZING woman of God, an extraordinary mommy to all your kids!!! An exceptional Grandma and Great Grandma to all your grand kids!!! You have taught me so much, how to be a prayer warrior to pray in tongues, how to be kind, how to love, how to be an example of Christ, and how to keep going to stay strong!!! That is just a few thing you taught me, you have taught and installed so much in all of us!!! Like my motto treat others like you want to be treated, I'm teaching it to my son Leo too!!! Thank you for your advice and guidance, for myself, Jay, and Leo, and everyone!!! I loved that you loved and cared for Jay so much mommy, as he too cares and loves you so much!!! I know when the day comes that we get married you won't be there in person, however you will be there in spirit!!! I know you were wanting to be same here ? just like I wanted to get Leo dedicated at your church and you were going to speak and annoint him!!! However it didn't happen due to Covid19, I know when that day happens you'll be there in spirit!!! Also when Jay and I have a baby same there too, basically we all have to adjust and know with everything you will be there but in spirit!!! ?? I'm happy for you that you are now out of pain, and you are we daddy now!!! Also with all your siblings, your mom, dad, and your children and grandchild that are in heaven!!! Memories so many: Disneyworld you and daddy traveling on your electric carts side by side, you riding the marry go round your smile was so big on both!!! Oh your smile mommy it's so contagious!!! When Teresa, Leo, and I took you to look at Christmas lights!!! You were dancing in your wheelchair on the dance floor, with some of your kids at Malayna's and Trevor's reception!!! Christmas eve I meet you at your church, we lit a candle and sang together!!! Every Christmas we would sing happy birthday to you, but before we did!!! You always wanted us to sing happy Birthday to Jesus!!! We will continue this tradition mommy!!! Give my love and hugs to all that are in heaven, miss you and all!!! Mommy thank you for everything!!! All that you taught and installed in me, and all your kids, and grandkids!!! I'll love you forever!!! I love you a bushal and a peck around the neck!!! ??? Love, Helene the baby of the fam"

Patricia wrote on Oct 4, 2020:

"Mom it?s been a month since you left your earthly body. I know you wouldn?t change it for the world! You are greatly missed!!! You are so loved!!! "

Gordy Cannon wrote on Sep 23, 2020:

"I will always remember Virginia for the prayer ? life I have with Jesus. "

Gordy Cannon wrote on Sep 23, 2020:

"Virginia w"

Joann wrote on Sep 19, 2020:

"Mama you were so special to me and us. I Loved you So Much. What a strong spiritual woman you were. Such an Example. Thank you for all your prayers and caring so much and a listening ear and scripture you always had. I know I will see you again. I miss your beautiful smile and especially your voice. We Love you always and forevermore. Until we meet again Mama glad you are free from pain. Love You Roger and Joann Hugs"

Makayla wrote on Sep 18, 2020:

"Love you so much grandma. The most valuable and priceless thing my grandma taught us was the love of Jesus. That is worth more than money to me. The gift of a big family. We had the best celebrations growing up. So much love and crazy times but she loved us all. She loved everyone she met. Her smile could light up any room. Such a special and selfless lady. We even got to live with her. She was more than a grandmother, she was a second mom to me. We didn't always get along and her favorite saying when I would laugh at her spankens... was, "Wait until your grandpa gets home!!" I'm gonna miss her random calls. Never be to busy for the ones who love you! You never know will be the last time they are able to call. So blessed to have the best grandma and to be called little Virginia because we also have a lot of kids :) Love you always grandma!!!!! Until we meet again. Rest in Heaven!!!"

Teresa Snyder (daughter) wrote on Sep 18, 2020:

"Mom, I so looked up to you as my Mom. And I am who I am because of you, a strong woman in christ & in prayer. And I also am a giver of myself, I believe I got that from you. Mom you will live on in my heart always. And now I have another Angel to look after me. I miss you! But just knowing, that we'll see each other again someday gives me some peace. Love you Mom from your daughter Teresa "

Malayna Hering wrote on Sep 18, 2020:

"Grandma was the most loving and caring soul I have ever known. She was a God fearing woman who turned lots of people to Christ. I remember her sandwiches she would make with the oat cakes and peanut butter with turkey and lettuce(something I remember being a little kid when she would watch me). I always thought they were the best! I miss her hugs and kisses but most of all I miss her and the light she brought into every room she entered! I am so glad she is not in pain anymore and can dance in the hills with my grandpa, uncles and cousin. And be with God himself. I love you Grandma, soooo much! "