In loving memory of

Alberto Pailma Borja
November 21, 1929 - July 12, 2020

Sunday, July 12, 2020, Alberto Pailma Borja, a caring father and loving grandfather, suddenly passed away at age 90 from a heart attack nobody could have foreseen. Alberto Borja was born on November 21, 1929 and grew up in a small village named Pallas Valley in Vintar, Ilocos Norte, Philippines.
Like most from the village, he spent his youth in the farm lands trying to learn the skill of farming. Without machinery, he built his back with endless hours of ducking planting rice, countless smashinging rice plant agaisnt the ground to seperate its grains, and tireless fetching gallons of water for watering. A back which then carried 9 childrens with which they can be proud of.
Hardworking and patient, Alberto, together with his wife, Daling, raised their children to be like him. He spent his time with his children teaching them stuff like what kind of knot to use for the rope pulling Ulnas (carabao sled), how to drive the Ulnas, or when to plant certain seeds at a specific season.
Alberto, together with Daling, moved to Seattle, WA with one of their daugthers in the year 2000 to retire. He spent his retirement days having fun with grandchildren, enjoying gardening, and playing with snow.
Alberto, through his sacrifice and hard work, built a happy and loving family. Alberto will be lovingly missed by his family.


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