In loving memory of

Donald Howard May
August 22, 1941 - October 18, 2020

Donald Howard May, 79 years old, made his trip to heaven on October 18, 2020, after a brief, very aggressive, form of Thyroid Cancer.

He left from his home in Washington in the presence of his faithful, care-giver and loving wife. Standing along with Jan and helping her with Don's needs, were the children, loved ones, and many of those that are considered family.

As Don's hand was held and songs of praise to the Lord were sung, he peacefully entered heaven, meeting his mom, dad, and younger sister.

Due to the status of health concerns and State imposed criteria, we are reviewing our options. As plans are being made for a memorial of his life, the children, grandchildren, and family are asking prayers of comfort and strength for those closest to Don.

Cards and words of encouragement are always welcomed.

"We've come this far by Faith, Trusting in the Lord"


Vincente wrote on Nov 7, 2020:

"Though I did not get to see Don too often, whenever I did see him at his favorite Starbucks, it was always with a warm and welcoming smile. I will definitely miss seeing him and his smile. He will always be in my thoughts and prayers."

Len & Sally wrote on Nov 4, 2020:

"So many memories, where do I start. Silver Lake Bible camp as a teen, CBSR, church at Foster Golf club house, Angle Lake Neighborhood church, camping at the Leavenworth KOA camp, camping next to the Vantage bridge when the wind blew so hard that we thought we would be blown over, decorating your house in the middle of summer with Christmas lights, Don trying to land the Cessna with the help of Joe M, renting the 55ft. Ocean Passage for our trip to Princess Louisa and the list goes on and on. On our last visit something you said impressed us, that you were not afraid to die and that you had a peace that can only come from above. Your main concern was for your wife who you so deeply loved. Your love of God, Jan, and the rest of your family made a impression on us. Well your home, no more cancer and no more radiation. You will be missed, your smile, your laughter and your inspiration to others. We are sure that their was a welcome home party with family and friends when you arrived on the other side. I hope you remembered to put in a good word for me. We were and are blessed to have you as are friend. Thanks for the memories and we miss you! Len & Sally "

rob neuman wrote on Nov 2, 2020:

"don was truley a great man! i was very fortunate to have known him and his family for over 40 years!! ive always felt that individuals are placed in your path and that was Don for me. his love for the lord was unwavering and he is an inspirations on he he loved his wife and kids. i was priviledged to call him dad! my thoughts and prayers to jan(mom)donny and kim. may God give you peace! "

Kent Isenberg wrote on Oct 30, 2020:

"Loved singing in the Life Center choir with Don. He was fun to be around and he always brought joy with him. He will definitely be missed. Besides, he was a great straight man for my dumb jokes. And he had that look down pat that said, ?Really, Kent!? He will be sorely missed. Love you, Don!"

Joan DeLong wrote on Oct 28, 2020:

"Don was a client of mine at the bank. Don would come in often and constantly tease me about my Trip to Mexico. He was always the light of my day as I knew I could tease right back. When I left that branch to go to one closer to my home every couple of weeks he would drive to Puyallup to just come by and say hi. My husband has had some health issues over the years, during Don?s visits to the bank he would always ask how my husband was doing, never failed. The day he called me to tell me what was going on the very first thing he asked me was how is your husband? A few days later my husband and I went to visit him, he and Jan answered the door, the very first thing he asked was ? how are you doing Dennis? This man was losing his life and he was thinking of others! I will miss you my friend??"

Pete Clement wrote on Oct 28, 2020:

"I served alongside Don during his many years with his Cablecraft family. Don was a consummate professional and a trusted leader there, but above all he was a sparkplug of good humor. His laughter, his ability to take and give a joke or prank, all helped to lighten the day and build on the camaraderie we all enjoyed there. Don's short stature provided ongoing humorous opportunities for us all, but under it all he proudly wore the mantel of "Point5", bestowed on him by our esteemed leader, Keith Clarno. Don, we're really gonna miss you at our breakfast meetings. God Bless you and thank you so very much for being our CCI friend. Adios Pal!"

Ron Jorgensen wrote on Oct 27, 2020:

"Although I have known Don for only about 5 years, I've always enjoyed our conversations about sports,life and yes, politics. Although we had different opinions, he always said " No matter what,we will always remain friends ." After I learned about his diagnosis, he perked up when I told him I would become a republican for a day, just not on voting day. Rest in peace Don. Everyone of us at Starbucks miss you but we will never forget you. I'm so honored to have had you in my life. "

Ron Jorgensen wrote on Oct 27, 2020:

"I've only known Don for 4 or 5 years but really enjoyed our conversations over coffee at Starbucks every week. Never a dull moment with him. Although our political opinions differed, he always said our friendship would never change. After I learned about his diagnosis,I let him know I would become a republican for one day, just note on voting day. Got a good chuckle out of that. Rest in peace Don. All of us really miss you but you will never be forgotten. "

Bruce E Johnson wrote on Oct 27, 2020:

"Don was one of the most caring and thoughtful people I've ever known. I was fortunate to have his friendship and sense of humor for nearly 50 years. Don was always there for me and my family in times of illness and need. I only regret that I was out of state and not there for him at the end. Rest in peace good friend. Bruce J."

Bruce E Johnson wrote on Oct 27, 2020:

"out of state and not there for him at he end. Rest in peace good friend, you will be missed. Bruce Johnson"

Eric Fish wrote on Oct 26, 2020:

"I met Don when he was the Sr. Vice President of Transportation at NC ? an honorary title he certainly earned while driving for NC?s delivery service. I always admired his talent to deliver a great story and his timing for good joke. I am certain he could have used his oratory skill to make a fortune if he wanted. I will miss seeing him. God Bless Don and his Family. Eric F."

Gabrielle wrote on Oct 25, 2020:

"How do I say goodbye to a presence, an essence, that is Don May? I cannot sum up how great an impact he made on my life. Uncle Donald, he was. He was the life force of my mom and dad's circle of friends, and the closest thing to family without being blood-related. My memories are vast and they are sweet and strong and deep. The voice of one who loved the Lord, who never had an unkind word for me or my sister, my mom or my dad. The happiness that he brought us is infinitely felt even now. The Lord God works in many ways.... Point 5 ways, too!! The Joy of Don May resonates loud and long. I miss him but I know that there must be laughter in heaven in abundance at this moment--the Heavens are Ringing with Rejoicing now that Uncle Donald is Home. "

Frank DeGregory wrote on Oct 24, 2020:

"No matter the day I was having at work seeing Don and that smile always would put me in a great mood. Don you now in God?s hands God Bless you and you will be missed. Frank DeGregory NCPS and Friend "

Brandon McClanahan wrote on Oct 23, 2020:

"Don I had always appreciated your happiness and joy for life! Also Doughnut Friday here at NC!! You always stopped by to check up on us after retirement and made everyone laugh. You will be missed and I will see your smiling face on the other side buddy."

Peggy Moore wrote on Oct 23, 2020:

"It was a pleasure to work and know Don. And even better when he came to visit after he retired & brought Jan with him. Always nice and welcoming. My thoughts & prayers are with Jan & the family. "

Danielle May wrote on Oct 23, 2020:

"I have so many fond memories of Mr. May. From being my patient piano instructor, to stocking the family up with plenty of frito lay products, his love of the WA Huskies and Mrs. May and him just being the sweetest neighbors. May he rest in peace! I know heaven is enjoying their new concert pianist ??"

Annette May wrote on Oct 23, 2020:

"Don you brought my family so much joy, being neighbors with you and Jan was the best! I would love to listen to you play piano while I was out working in my yard, then when I talked you into giving piano lessons my girls were first to sign up. Your smile and sense of humor was the best! Our family adores yours, may you rest in peace dear friend, you will never be forgotten. "

Barb Bailey wrote on Oct 22, 2020:

"On Sunday, October 18th my brother Don left earth for heaven. The memories of our growing up years together are bittersweet as I consider that for a time, I will not hear his familiar voice over the phone, or face to face in family gatherings. I laugh at the memory of the stories he would tell and then corral his ramblings with ?Now here?s my point, Barb.? I am deeply grateful that Don did not leave this life and step into nothingness. He left this life escorted and deeply loved by his Savior Jesus Christ right through death to heaven's gates. I can only imagine the stories that are now bubbling over inside of him that he would love to share with us?the incredible peace he experienced in his passing; the wondrous indescribable beauty of heaven; the absolute joy of meeting the loved ones that made this journey before him. I can see him leaned over heaven?s table with intense pleasure on his face as he is completely whole; absolutely without pain; filled with joy, pouring out to us in great detail the wonders and beauties of heaven. And then, I hear that familiar phrase ?Here?s my point, Barb?you don?t want to miss this place! Heaven is for real!?"

George Hammond wrote on Oct 22, 2020:

"Don was a very good friend of mine. We had coffee together and joked together, especially about golf scores. I knew Don for over fifteen years and I will really miss him. He was a great guy."

Leda wrote on Oct 22, 2020:

"What I will always remember is that Don, himself, was surprised to experience "the Peace that passes all understanding" though his ordeal, and he was totally ready to make his transition to the Father. Kim, you had mentioned that we might share stories and memories. I will have to start that book! When I saw the date of August 22, such a familiar date as we planned many trips and events (particularly golf) around his birthday, often in Wenatchee with our own Group of Eight! The last time we saw Don we got to share a video of our golf trip to Couer d'Alene Resort, thanks to Vicki and Bob Fusch. A precious afternoon visit."

Tim&Mary Downs wrote on Oct 22, 2020:

"It was a tremendous joy to share this season of putting Don?s name before God?s throne - knowing that his name was already well known in Heaven. Thanks for your witness to our family. "

Matt Sato wrote on Oct 21, 2020:

"As shocking as the short time between diagnosis and death was, I prefer to think that it was God's mercy so you would not have prolonged suffering. I knew when we prayed that day, a week ago, that you were prepared, yet grieving the short time remaining. Those who remain now grieve that your smile and personality will will not be with us. However, we are comforted in the knowledge that you are now resting with the Lord."

JackievEitt wrote on Oct 21, 2020:

"So saddened to get this news. Thankful he is with our Lord and Savior. God bless each of you, especially our sweet cousin Jan. Much love and prayers. Jackie and Wendell Witt"

Woody wrote on Oct 21, 2020:

"Don we're gonna miss our Dear Mayor of the Starbucks Liars Club and your Monday morning voice of reason of the WA Huskies and Oregon Ducks and Seahawks officiating and our phone calls during the games. We'll all miss you and never forget your daily goodbyes..Merry Christmas! Woody"

Adrian Bower wrote on Oct 21, 2020:

"Don, so many years ago when the May family came into my life, I not only gained Barb as a best friend for life, but I also gained another big brother. You were always so kind to me, and I loved the way you could make anyone laugh at any time. Thank you for all the memories, and I'll see you again. You were a great big brother! "

Karen May Sims wrote on Oct 21, 2020:

"Dear, Dear Don So proud to have shared the same family with you! Although we didn?t see each other often, you always have been and always will be in my heart. I love you. Raise your beautiful voice and sing his praises for all of us until we join you!"

Dorinne Linder Lyda wrote on Oct 21, 2020:

"To a childhood friend you will be missed by me and all those who know you. Your musical ability I remember. Your quiet and serious demeanor as well. But as His child you will live forever and ever and those of us who are in Christ Jesus will be reunited with you and all those who have gone before. I pray the Holy Spirit comfort Jan and kids and Barb and her family as well. Love, Dorinne Linder Lyda"

Roy J. Smith III wrote on Oct 21, 2020:

"My Buddy, To the best of my ability I walked with you. I will never forget the time we had together. Both the good and the bad are viewed as "GOOD" in my mind. I will meet you soon, very soon so look for me I will be the fat guy SMILING ! Love ya, Roy"