In loving memory of

Holly Walker

Holly Rae (aka Moose Momma aka Mooshkie)
Holly came to us 11 1/2 years ago, she traveled all the way from the Ozarks region in Arkansas when she was just 12 weeks old.
I remember the first day we met, I arrived at the air port and was directed to the crate she was in. When I first saw her she looked a little scared in the back of her crate but her tail was still wiggling as fast as it could go. We got to the car and she rode home in my lap as happy as could be. From the first moment we met she was my baby and I adored her ❤️
Over the years we made countless
Amazing memories. Holly loved going to the dog park, going for trips in the car up to the cabin, swimming, going on walks, eating snacks, coming fishing in the boat with her daddy and I, napping and snuggling in bed, but her favorite thing to do was go for golf cart rides... she was crazy about the golf cart! 😊
Hollys personality was one of a kind, she was sweet and loveable, playful and funny... she was so funny, she made us laugh every day of her life. 😆
Holly loved everyone she ever met, she was great with kids and loved to play. She was equally loved in return by all that met her.
We truly couldn't have asked for a better dog, she meant the world to her dad and I, she was our baby and our best friend 🐾

Holly gave us everything she had to give and blessed our lives beyond measure, she will be forever missed and always in our hearts


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