In loving memory of

Socks Iwasko

It was a warm day when I was on my way to Hastings and Braveheart Animal Center there. I was hoping to find a support dog as mine had to be put down. Once at the shelter I noticed several dogs, and a fenced area to enter one dog at a time. After looking at several dogs, here comes a Blue Heeler/Lab mix with salt and pepper colored fur. We hit it off right away and knew we would get along great. It was an instant connection between us. The shelter staff was so in awe how we connected that reduced their adoption fee. So starts the story of Socks, ....
Socks was a wonderful dog. He had a mind of his own and was very friendly with everyone here in my building where I live got to know him and at times considered him to be the building dog. Socks had a mind of his own. If I wanted to take his picture he would turn his head to the side, but would allow others to take one of him! He also would decide not to take his medication he would just turn anyway than the next day he would take it with no problem. He was loveable, never barked , and loved to have attention. I am so lonesome now that he has gone to the area near the Rainbow Bridge. When he was younger, before got ill with Cushings Disease. we would walk four times a day and be comfy at night, him napping and me reading or watching television. He was my buddy, my companion, and I thank God he me such a wonderful loving dog for ten wonderful years we had together. I love him, miss him and will ever hold his love in my heart . He was thirteen years old. Love and peace socks mom will see you again so we can walk to the Rainbow Bridge together. You are my pups and nobody else, his favorite words from me.


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