In loving memory of

Robert Lee Nelson
May 16, 1933 - November 18, 2020

Robert Lee
Muskegon, Michigan

Robert Lee Nelson passed from this life to the next after a long illness complicated by Covid-19 on November 18, 2020. Bob was born on May 16, 1933 to Hazel and Myron Nelson. He met Jean Camp on Valentine's Day (February 14th) 1951 while they were both roller skating at The Curvecrest. After realizing life would be better together, they married on February 4th, 1952. Bob worked for 40 years at SD Warren/Sappi Paper Mill doing many different jobs. He finally got his dream job of being a Carpenter there after some in-company training. His love of carpentry and building set him on the path of creating (with a dog's comfort in mind) and selling dog houses and then Sheds. He also crafted many handmade gifts for his kids and grandkids which are still cherished today. He loved playing cribbage and played competitively, winning 4 - 28 Hands and even 1 - 29 Hand. He loved camping and sitting around the campfire regaling everyone with stories of his life, work, and younger years. In his later years he loved traveling to Florida and spending time with his wife, his best friend Tom Olsen, and his daughter Kathie Olsen. He was a hard worker, a family man and a loving husband.


He is survived by his loving wife of 68 years, Jean Nelson; his children, Kathie Olsen, Michael (Terri) Nelson, Lori (Don) Supernaw, Debbie (Craig) Sowa and Julie (Dan) Siuda Jolman; his nephew Lin Nelson and his niece Luanne (Bruce) Bytwerk; his 10 grandchildren: Shannon & Kristi Haines, Jeff (Jill) Nelson, Lisa (Jason) Papes, Derek (Sammie) Antol, Donny Supernaw, Chris (Jamie) Sowa, Matt Sowa, John Siuda, Derek Jolman and 12 great grandchildren. Bob was preceded in death by his parents, Hazel and John Perry and Myron and Georgie Nelson, his brother Lawrence (Larry) Nelson and his sister and brother-in-law Joyce and Bill White.

Saturday, November 28, 2020, 2:00 PM at Clock Chapel - Muskegon. Internment in Lakeside Cemetery.
Friday, 27th of November, 2020 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Clock Funeral Home - Muskegon. MEMORIAL: St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Please visit to leave a memory or sign the online guestbook.

There was a recording made of the Zoom Live-Stream of Robert's Funeral. Please click in the link below to ree the video

Clock Funeral Home - Muskegon


Debbie Sowa wrote on Nov 27, 2020:

"I've been thinking so much about my dad and the kind of person he was. He grew up during the depression and learned to make due with what we had. He talked about his childhood, being a kid in Florida and his parents getting divorced. He fell in love with my mom when he was just a boy of 18. They married young and stayed married for almost 69 years. I think he enjoyed working at the Paper Mill and we would bring him lunch often. He had many friends there. Dad had fun holiday ideas that we loved. He made a chimney on the roof, for Christmas, with hunting pants & boots that looked like Santa going down the chimney, head first. He also would perform the "talking pumpkin" for all the trick or treaters, for many years on Halloween. He would love to see their reactions from his incognito spot in the kitchen. Dad spent many hours in the garage tinkering, whistling, and building gifts out of wood. We will cherish these for many years to come. He loved cars and car shows, recognizing them by make and model. Dad taught me how to check my car's oil and change a flat tire, and how to shovel the driveway, paint a doghouse and to play cribbage. He knew all the names of the state capitols and also knew how to play the harmonica and accordion. We went for car rides on Sundays, visiting farm markets and just looking at scenery. My dad knew how to skip stones, fish, hunt and we enjoyed many family camping trips. When my husband was in the Marine Corps, my parents would drive to visit us, from coast to coast. We really enjoyed their visits and they loved seeing where we lived and the sights and things to do. They enjoyed spending time with the grandkids and getting to know what they were into. Dad loved going out to dinner and going for rides. We enjoyed many celebrations together: birthdays, graduations, weddings, and welcoming grandchildren & great -grandchildren. My folks attended them all! Dad's health, in recent years, declined and he wasn't able to get around like he wanted, so most of the parties were now at their house. He needed help often and hated to bother anyone. We all got calls and helped him, at the drop of a hat. We became a "family village". It wasn't a bother, it was part of fulfilling his wishes to stay at home. The family is very grateful to Hospice of Michigan for all of their help, guidance and love. Dad was very grateful to us all. I will miss my dad every day and smile. My Dad was very special to me. He was also a special husband, grandpa, friend, brother, neighbor, uncle, great grandpa and brother-in-law. I am comforted by knowing that he is no longer in pain. He is with many loved ones that have passed before him. He lived a good life. I will think about you every day, Daddy-O. Love you, from Debbie"

Shannon Haines wrote on Nov 27, 2020:

"You were my Gramps from the first day I came into this world til the day you left it ?? What an honor to be close to you for 48 years of my life ? to share a love, a friendship, a bond right up to being by your side for your very last breath! Seems fitting that I did tuck in that night, I truly believe I was meant to be there with you and I feel so very blessed that I was ?I will forever hold our memories so dear! I am sooooo glad you are no longer hurting Gramps, thank you for everything ? I love you ?? "

Kathie Olsen wrote on Nov 25, 2020:

"Dad was tough on me when I was growing up, probably because I was the oldest, but he was always there for me if I had a problem. There was always music in our house. Mom & Dad had lots of friends and had parties. I loved sneaking around the corner to watch everyone dancing and having fun. My Dad was a big whistler and had a great voice when he sang to the radio. When I was divorced from my first husband, Dad went and bought me a car and paid the insurance for a year so my girls and i would have a way to get around. He also cosigned for my student loan when i went back to college, and I never defaulted on it. I leaned responsibility from my folks. My second husband and I took my folks to Florida with us for 6 years, and when I got divorced, they went to Florida with him for 2 more years. My ex-husband, Tom, was my Dad's best friend. Whether playing cribbage, watching movies, or just chatting, they had a close relationship. The last few years when Dad started getting sick, he and I got so much closer. I always thought of my Dad as this big strong man, and he just couldn't be that anymore. I love you so much, Dad, and it gives me peace to know you are no longer hurting or struggling just to walk. We all have our memories. Thank you for them. You are in my heart. I love you Dad. Love Kathie. "

Dawn Andree wrote on Nov 21, 2020:

"My heart aches for you Jean and your entire family. After knowing him for a short time it was obvious what a loving caring man that Bob was and how much he loved his family. Here is too our last elbow bump Bob. You will be missed. Dawn"