In loving memory of

Bell Bell Och

Clarabell "Bell Bell" Rose

Miss Bell Bell came to our family in September of 2013. She was a rescue from a clinic I used to work at. The previous owner and the veterinarian decided that it was best for her to be surrendered. The vet asked me if I was willing to foster her, and I couldn't say no. She was a plump 14 pounds and guessed to be about 9 years old. Our young cat decided that Bell Bell was her favorite kitty companion and they were inseparable. She had a rough start to her life, but our goal was to give her the "good" life form here out.
Bell Bell was a very shy, timid cat. It took her months to come out from under the futon and years to come out of the spare room. Eventually, she enjoyed sleeping at the end of our bed. A beautiful bond developed between my husband and our bitty kitty. He would have conversations with her, and he was her heart. This cat has made a huge imprint on our hearts, and our lives will never be the same without her.
Miss Bell Bell loved her comfy bed near the heat vent, Daphne Lynn (our other cat), Jacob (her whole heart), and basking in the warm rays of sunlight. These past 7 years we had with you were not enough, but we are so happy to have had you in our family. We love you Mau Mau, and hope you have found the warm laps and hugs of our family in heaven.

Love always,
Cassandra, Jacob, Vivian, Daphne Lynn, Hercules Orion, and Zeus (ZuZu Bee)


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