In loving memory of

Lucy F.

Lucy F.


Our girl Lucy passed on to the next world on December 27th. She was preceded in death by her feline brother Lucky in 2012, and her canine brother Max in 2013. She is survived by her feline sister Nona and her human brothers and parents. Her best friend was her 12 year old human brother who misses her greatly.

Lucy began her life with tough times, the full extent of which are unknown to us, but was found with her brother Lucky by a Dakota County employee with an eagle eye who spotted two starving kittens in a ditch before he was about to pass through with a mower. After her recovery, and upon the proper age, she lived with our family for her entire life. Her favorite animal sibling was her brother Max, a French Mastiff who always enjoyed her company. She also loved her time with her human brother, and after Max's passing, sometimes no one else, spending hours in his room.

She would rule the room with a glance, and occasionally allow us to pick her up. She was a Diva and we loved her. She was beautiful and sassy and we will miss her.


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