In loving memory of

Nicholas Wayne Soete
August 17, 1978 - December 31, 2020

Nicholas Wayne Soete
8-17-78 to 12-31-20
Nicholas Wayne Soete Age 42 of Fridley, Mn passed away peacefully on December 31,2020. He is preceded in death by his Father Wayne and survived by his two sons Steven & Jayden, his mother Karen & his brother Daniel (Jara) and Nieces Ella & Riley and many other relatives.

He was a beloved Son, Father, Brother and Friend to so many. He was energetic, talented, and very helpful. He worked many different jobs over the years and helped many neighbors with just about anything.

A Celebration of Life to be held at a later date.


Samantha Evans wrote on Jan 20, 2021:

"Nick was a good person, he had a huge heart (secretly hidden) he had a huge impact on my life he gave me my first born child, all though we didn?t stay together we did stay friends. You will be forever missed nick we love you."

Shelli Kelley wrote on Jan 14, 2021:

"Nick was such a good neighbor. Always willing to help, always there with a joke or two. Such a big heart. A truly good and kind person, which is rare nowadays. I'm really going to miss hearing him call out to me and our chats whenever I'd go to the house. This is such a huge loss. I'm so sorry to his Mom, brother, kids and family. Our deepest condolences - The Kelley Family, Dan, Rob, Shawn, Dan Jr., Teara, Felicia, Olive, Baas and Norah"

Samantha Strom wrote on Jan 5, 2021:

"You made such a huge impact on so many lives! I?ve known you my whole life, thank you for everything! You are going to be greatly missed, but always remembered! We will miss you ?? Love from Sammy, Melodie, and Zara. "

Danile Lee Jr Bergstrom wrote on Jan 5, 2021:

"I can say I've known you my whole life, you even watched me as a kid. Your soul was young and your mindset always stayed the same. No matter what happened in life you always stayed positive, I'm thankful to be apart of your life, I'm thankful for the times that you vented to me when you felt down because I would do the same. the hours of conversations will not be forgotten. I will always miss the way you yelled out BUBBA everytime I walked outside just to have a talk. the jokes and the laughs we had will also stay in memory. you were a HUGE part in everyones life and you made an impact in mine, it is sad to see you go. I love you brother I'll see you on the other side"

Danile Lee Jr Bergstrom wrote on Jan 5, 2021:

"You were a good friend my whole life, you even watched me when I was a kid a few times so I can say I've known you my whole life. I'll never get to hear you yell out BUBBA everytime i walked outside again. You were always there to help anybody that needed help, and I'm just thankful for everytime you vented to me . I'm gonna miss you brother "

DeRaye Miller wrote on Jan 5, 2021:

"I've known Nick for nearly 30 years now and it's truly sad to hear of my friends' passing. Nick was a good dude. We shared many laughs and he helped me many times if it was needed. You will truly be missed homie! My deepest condolences go out to his Mom, Dan and all those who knew him and called him a friend. I can hear your voice now. I'm gonna miss you man!"

Mark Elmer wrote on Jan 5, 2021:

"Legs or Player 2 i called him!! RIP Homey"

Toni kelsey wrote on Jan 5, 2021:

"So sorry for your loss why did he have to be so dam stubborn. With love always "

Joe clement wrote on Jan 5, 2021:

"Nick was a great friend for many years.. He was always good to anyone he met. We went to school together and after high school hung out for many years. He enjoyed life and was a great friend to anyone he hung around with. Loved telling jokes and was always good company. I never shared this with anyone until talking with his brother Dan. I was in a really bad auto accident in 2001. After nick heard he called my mum and was the first to see me with her. I remember waking up in so much pain and Gave me ice chips and water. Even when nurses said not to much he seen I was thirsty from the meds and gave me more. I remember asking him how bad of shape am I in. He kept it honest and said you're in bad shape but alive. I can go on with many memories from the past 22 years, but that is my favorite cause he really had a big heart. I will also miss calling your house and hearing you say hello who dis..Sending love to his mom, Dan ,his kids and all who knew him. Rest easy my friend and thank your for the 20 plus years of laughs your friend Joe C"