In loving memory of

James Michael Sabetti
August 12, 1965 - December 30, 2020

Born in Cherry Hill N.J. on August 12, 1965, Jimmy grew up in East Greenwich before the family moved to Newport, R.I. in 1978. He lived in Newport until moving to Aspen, CO. in 1997 and then on to Solana Beach, CA. where he planned to spend the rest of his life in the warm sun. Jimmy attracted numerous friends in the places he lived and stayed in close touch with just about every one of them. He loved his friends and family, and we all loved him back, even when we wanted to strangle him! Jimmy was always where the party was, or more appropriately, the party was always where Jimmy was. He had a funny saying for all situations, even when the situation wasn't funny. The unforgettable stories people have about times with Jimmy could, and maybe some day will, fill a book. Jimmy loved the ocean, but mostly the shore and harbors because that's where the people were; he was rarely alone. He also loved everyone's dog, sometimes more than them. Jimmy was absolutely one-of-a-kind, which is good because most of us couldn't handle two of him! Jimmy was a skilled craftsman- carpenter, builder and cabinet and furniture maker. He leaves his sister Kirsten, brother Doug and his wife, Sue McNally, his brother Jeff Sabetti, nieces Cailyn, Ashley, Taylor and Samantha, nephew AJ, great nieces Kya and Kendall, great nephew Gavin, a god daughter Shannon, Bean's dog Croc (yes Jimmy, that thing is still alive) and a few hundred friends and their dogs. A gathering to celebrate Jimmy's life, and his effect on ours, will be held this coming summer.


Kirsten Lynne wrote on Jan 26, 2021:

"How clear, how lovely bright, how beautiful to sight, those beams of morning play. How Heaven laughs out with glee, where, like a bird set free, up from the eastern sea, Soars the delightful day. Today I will be strong, no more shall yield to wrong, shall squander life no more. Days lost, I know not how, I shall retrieve them now, now I shall keep the vow I never kept before. Ensanguining the skies, how heavily it dies, into the west away. Past sight and touch and sound, no further to be found, How hopeless underground Falls the remorseful day."

Joy and Bob Reap wrote on Jan 16, 2021:

"Jimmy was so sweet and cared so much for his friends. He was always there to help out anyone in need. Us included! We had a place to lay our heads in Newport years ago thanks to him. We have so many good memories of our times with Jimmy. RIP Sabetti. "